You’re Not Dreaming – Our Seamless Crossover Sleep Nursing Bra is REALLY That Comfy

Sleep is a sacred thing in the home of a family with a new baby. Sleep may not come often enough, but when it does, it should be cherished, savored and handled with care. That’s why every new mom should have at least one sleep nursing bra. If you select our Loving Moments Seamless Crossover Sleep Nursing Bra, even when you’re awake, you may feel like you’re dreaming because it’s really that comfortable.


Sleep bras like our Seamless Crossover Sleep Nursing Bra are designed for your ultimate overnight comfort. Therefore, it eliminates hard back clasps that may be uncomfortable for lying. Plus, much like your pajamas, our sleep bra is flexible, breathable and soft on your skin.

When you are breastfeeding, sleep nursing bras are essential for several reasons. First, your breasts should always be supported, no matter what time of day or night. As your breast milk fluctuates and your breasts become larger, you will appreciate the round-the-clock support and comfort. When you have an infant and get those precious opportunities for sleep, you want to make sure nothing is holding you back from dreamland, especially your bra.

Also, breastfeeding has never been easier than with our crossover sleep nursing bra design. Simply pull the cup to the side for nursing access. When you’re drowsy during middle-of-the-night feedings or haven’t yet had your morning tea, simplicity is important. Plus, you can quickly satisfy your baby without waking the rest of your family.

Sleep bras are made for sleeping but are terrific for other times as well. First, because of the extreme support our Seamless Crossover Sleep Nursing Bra offers, you can start wearing it during pregnancy to keep your breasts lifted and comfortable. Usually breasts hit another growth spurt as your due date draws closer. Having a stretchy, easy-to-wear bra is crucial during this time.

When your little one is finally ready to make her debut, this sleep bra is ideal to bring to the hospital for nursing immediately after giving birth. You’ll probably spend several days there nursing your baby on demand and hopefully catching a few naps in-between; this bra will help you stay ready for it all.

When you come home, your Seamless Crossover Sleep Nursing Bra will keep you comfy while you adjust to life with a baby, welcome friends and family, and continue nursing on demand. As your baby grows and sleeps for longer stretches at night, you’ll want to continue wearing your sleep nursing bra at night to ensure you’re breastfeeding-ready whenever your baby needs nourishment.

This Seamless Crossover Sleep Nursing Bra is excellent throughout pregnancy and every stage of breastfeeding. And when your breastfeeding journey comes to an end, this is one nursing bra you’ll definitely want to keep! It is so comfortable and versatile, you can wear it for sleep or leisure beyond your nursing days.

We hope you get some amazing “Loving Moments,” and a few zzz’s too, in our Seamless Crossover Sleep Nursing Bra!