Your Very First Nursing Bra

Do you remember getting your first bra?  It was probably thrilling or maybe a little embarrassing depending on how it happened.  Ever since, bras have been an important part of your wardrobe.  Hopefully you’ve found comfort and style in your bras over the years.  It’s exciting all over again every time you find a terrific bra that makes you feel great, stand a little taller and gives you tons of confidence. Now that you’re having a baby, you have this great opportunity once again.  Your very first nursing bra is not just a time for functionality; it’s a right of passage into motherhood.

But wait, you’ve never shopped for a nursing bra before.  What on earth do you need?  Well, first you should consider all the things you like about your regular bras.  Do they mold to your body perfectly?  Are they super soft?  Do you love the patterns and colors in your intimates drawer?  Do you have a bra for every aspect of your life?  These factors are all things you want to consider when selecting your very first nursing bra.  And when you find a great brand, you can achieve all of these elements in your nursing bra wardrobe.

L345-Black-prod-pageYour very first nursing bra is probably something you want to buy towards the end of your pregnancy.  This is when your breasts are growing even more to prepare for breastfeeding and your regular bras may begin to feel uncomfortable.  Usually women go up at least one band and one cup size while nursing, and sometimes even more.  The best maternity and beginning nursing bras will be those with a great deal of stretch and multiple hook-and-eye closures to accommodate for size fluctuations for the remainder of pregnancy and in the early weeks of breastfeeding.  It’s a good idea to start with three nursing bras – one to wear, one in the wash and one in the drawer ready for the next day.

Consider selecting several styles for your first nursing bras.  A traditional cotton clasped drop-down cup is a great choice.  You may want to try a slide-over cup as well.  These varying styles offer different options for breast access.  You may find some easier than others, and some are better for at home, others more suited for on-the-go.  Be sure to purchase at least one sleep bra with a front-closure.  These are perfect for breastfeeding throughout the night so you are not lying on uncomfortable back clasps.

Also, consider what your life will be like after your baby is born.  If you are staying home with your baby, your needs will differ from someone who is returning to work shortly after your baby is born.  You will want to wear nursing bras to work if you plan to pump and/or feed during your work day or immediately upon returning home.  Structured, padded bras may be a better choice for returning to work.  If you want to get back into your workout routine as soon as your doctor gives you the “all clear,” be sure to have a sports nursing bra in your drawer.

Of course, don’t forget personal style and femininity when shopping for your very first nursing bra. Select styles and colors that you love and that work for your wardrobe.  Breastfeeding is known to help you return to your pre-baby weight faster, so you may be back in your regular clothes before you know it.  There are plenty of sexy, cute and vibrant styles that will meet your taste.  Don’t sacrifice fashion when it comes to nursing bras.  You’ll feel more comfortable and confident when you are wearing a nursing bra that makes you look and feel great.

Shopping for your very first nursing bra should be as fun and exciting as your first bra ever.  Peruse the selection and keep our tips in mind to get the best nursing bras for you.  Enjoy!