When Will I Feel my Baby Move?

One of the most exciting moments of pregnancy is feeling your little one move within you. Not only does this reinforce the bond you have as mother and child, but it shows that your baby is continuing to develop. These little kicks, tumbles and jabs will become distinct as your pregnancy progresses but most movements will begin between 16 and 26 weeks. Although, some women with their second child claim they feel movement after only 13 weeks!

For first time mothers, these activities can be hard to distinguish from traditional bodily functions, especially towards the beginning of your pregnancy. Hunger pains and other internal tasks can feel very similar; but don’t worry. By your second and third semester, your little one will make sure to let you know they’re there! Their movements will become much more intense and frequent.

When Will I Feel my Baby Move?To help you along the way, we have created an easy guide to recognize your little one’s activity:

12th Week: Your growing child is probably beginning to move at this point! But, as they are still very small, you will most likely not begin to feel anything just yet.

16th Week: Around sixteen weeks women have claimed to feel tiny flutters! While there is a decent chance this is a regular bodily function, it just as well may by your little one moving around!

20th Week: This far into your child’s development you will probably start to feel more distinct fetal movements, which is better known as quickening.

24th Week: The movements within you are becoming more and more distinct and frequent. Additionally, you may occasionally feel your growing baby hiccup! This will feel like gentle twitching and is a cause for smiles.

28th Week: As your tummy and child grow bigger, their movements grow in strength and regularity. While this can be sudden and slightly painful, it is a sign of good health and progress!

36th Week: The larger your baby grows, the less room they will have in your uterus. This will slow down their movements until you have given birth and welcome them into the world.

These little kicks, tumbles and jabs will help bring you closer to the life growing within you. Enjoy every moment and, if you like, monitor them! Keep a tally or scrapbook and engage in motherhood in every way you can!


It is important to remember that fetal movements will grow more distinctive over time. Just because you cannot recognize them initially does not mean they are not occurring. However, it is always beneficial to set up appointments with your doctor and discuss your pregnancy!