When Do Babies Crawl?

When Do Babies Crawl?Crawling is perhaps your child’s first great milestone! But, as wonderful a moment as it is, make sure to keep a sharp eye: before you know it they will be across the room and out of your sight!

Traditionally, your child will learn to crawl by beginning to balance on their knees and hands. After a while, they will start pushing off with their knees and realize they have the ability to move forward or backward. Although most parents aren’t aware of it, crawling helps to strengthen the very same muscles they will soon use for walking!

The majority of babies will begin crawling between 7 and 10 months. Granting, all babies are different and your little one may prefer a slightly different method of transportation: using a hand behind and foot in front to push forward, sliding on their stomach, scooting around on their bottom, or rolling all over the room!

As long as they are figuring out a way to get around, you have nothing to worry about. Mobility is what’s important, no matter their method of choice! In certain cases some babies won’t crawl at all. They will directly shift from pulling themselves up, to standing, to using the furniture for balance, to finally walking.

Just remember, they’re quicker than you think!