What to Expect from your Baby’s First Thanksgiving Part 2

What to Expect from your Baby’s First Thanksgiving Part 2We’re back with part 2 on what to expect from your baby’s first Thanksgiving. We’ve already talked about covering your baby’s basic needs – food, sleep and supplies. Today we’re diving deeper into tips for situations that may arise during your holiday so it can be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Tip #5: Separation Anxiety and Stranger Danger

Separation anxiety is a typical part of infancy. Being in a new environment and around many people, some of them complete strangers, may amplify your baby’s attachment to you during the holiday. As much as you may want a moment to visit with guests and want them to experience your baby up-close and personal, don’t force your baby to go to others if it upsets her. Ask friends and family to give her space if she’s having a hard time adjusting. This is probably not the right time to push your baby to break through separation anxiety.

Tip #6: Watch for Hazards

Being in a new environment for your Thanksgiving gathering may present some hazards for your baby. First, it’s important to keep a close eye on your baby, especially if she’s crawling, cruising or walking.  Avoid areas with drapes, tablecloths, fireplaces, candles or breakables that your baby could pull down. Look out for cabinets with dangerous substances that your baby may be able to open and small objects that could be choking hazards. Watch pets closely as they may be especially interested in your little one.

If you are a house guest, bring along a few supplies to help keep your baby safe such as outlet covers, soft corners for low tables and some cabinet latches. Distraction is also a great method to avoid safety issues. Offer enticing toys in a safe space to hold your baby’s interest and keep her away for danger.  Consider bringing a portable play pin as a self-contained safe space for your baby.

Tip #7: Know your Baby

You know your baby best. Stay vigilant of triggers that you know will upset your baby, such as loud noises or too much chaos. Also, have some tricks up your sleeve to help soothe your baby if she gets upset. Changing the environment can help too. Allow her ro catch her breath by walking outside or going into a quiet room for a few minutes if necessary. You can bring along a few new toys to distract and capture her attention as well.

Tip #8: Take Pictures

In the excitement of the holiday don’t forget to take lots of pictures of your baby’s first Thanksgiving. These will be wonderful keepsakes for years to come and ones that your baby will want to see when she’s older.

Tip #9: Stay Calm and Be Grateful

Your baby feeds off of your emotions, attitude and demeanor. Holidays can be particularly trying times with lots of family around. If you are stressed, your baby will pick up on it and this could set her off too. Do your best to roll with the punches. If grandparents have criticisms or if family strife comes to a head, take the high road and avoid conflict. This year, you have even more reason to keep the peace, stay calm, and be grateful for our beautiful new baby.

We hope these tips help you navigate what to expect from your baby’s first Thanksgiving. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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