What should you bring to the hospital? Nursing Bras, of course!

With so many things to prepare for before your baby arrives, you may not have thought about what to pack in your hospital bag.  Obviously you’ll want to bring your toiletries, camera and some snacks, but what about nursing supplies?  Here’s our list of essential nursing supplies for your hospital bag:

Loving Moments Shirred Front Cami Wirefree Nursing Bra1)     Bring your nursing bras, you’ll need them right away!  We suggest packing three: one to wear immediately after the baby is born, and two extras for your hospital stay.  A nursing cami is a great choice as a stand-alone top and works great with pajama pants.  Start with soft leisure nursing bras for your early nursing days.  You’ll probably notice that your breasts will change size, possibly by the second day after your baby is born.  A leisure bra or nursing cami will give you flexibility to accommodate these fluctuations.

2)     Nursing pads are a smart item to pack because you might experience milk leakage in the hospital.  Washable nursing pads can be reused and insert nicely in nursing bras and camis.

3)     Breastfeeding resources are also good to have on hand at the hospital.  If you took a class, bring your notes or the materials provided by the instructor.  You can also go online for quick resources, like Loving Moments Breastfeeding A-Z.  Definitely request time with the hospital’s lactation consultant.  This is a new experience for everyone involved so there may be a learning curve.

Amy Berry
Amy is a lactation consultant and proud momma of 7 (yep seven!) wonderful children all breastfed and a Loving Moments fan!