Ways Your Baby Shows Love

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, you may long for some extra affection from your loved ones. And when you have a new little loved one who you nurture day and night, you may wish for some extra love there too. While your baby may not be doling out the hugs and kisses or signing Valentine’s Day cards quite yet, rest assured she’s showing her love in many many ways. You may not even realize the ways your baby shows love but we’re enlightening you to the love today.

Ways Your Baby Shows LoveYour baby knows you – There’s nothing like you in all the world and your baby is keenly aware of it. In fact, your baby can sniff you out among other people even before her vision has fully developed. Your unique scent, along with the smell of your breast milk, makes you highly recognizable to your baby. That plus your soft touch and beautiful face are ways she knows you intimately. This personal connection is a bond of love.

Your baby mimics you – Have you ever noticed that your baby tries to replicate your facial expressions? It may come in the form of silly faces, smiles or moving her lips to try to repeat your sounds. Copying is the strongest form of flattery and in this case it’s because your baby loves you so.

Your baby misses you – It may break your heart that your baby cries when you leave but it’s only because she loves you and wants to be with you. Even when she cries upon your return it’s because she’s reminded that you were gone. So let her express her emotional connection and know that separation anxiety is a normal part of a loving relationship.

Your baby smiles at you – Those precious baby smiles are always something to celebrate. And when they turn to giggles and downright belly laughs, they are even more fun to receive. You make your baby so happy, she laughs out of love.

Your baby talks to you – Your babbling baby is actually trying to tell you something. In her own words she’s saying she loves you. She feels comfortable enough to chatter away and she does believe it makes sense. So accept her loving words and respond back to engage in a conversation.

Your baby reaches for you – When you’re wanted or needed your baby will let you know. At first it’s only with cries but as she matures your baby will reach for you to show her desire to be held or cuddled. She may even give you little kisses to be close and feel your touch.

Your baby seeks your attention – Whether it’s during nursing or when she’s at play, your baby wants to know you’re there and you’re watching her. She may signal for you through milky suckling or crawl away and return to ensure you haven’t gone far. It’s just her way of showing you’re her safety net.

Your baby stares at you – When your baby gazes at you intently, she’s learning your every feature, expression and movement. She loves everything about you and wants to know you intimately. Embrace your baby’s loving stares and reciprocate with meaningful eye contact.

Cherish these ways your baby shows love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sources: Babycenter and Parenting