Top 10 Ways Breastfeeding is Good for the Planet

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural acts in the world and a tremendously nutritious renewable resource.  Animals across the globe do it without thinking twice.  As we celebrate Earth Day tomorrow, we’ll all be contemplating ways to take cues from nature, improve our environment, and help the planet.  We can’t think of a more ecological and naturally healthy way to celebrate than breastfeeding.

In honor of Earth Day we’re sharing our top 10 ways breastfeeding is good for the planet:

10 – No manufacturing required:  Breastfeeding is a manufacturing-free experience.  Well, unless you count the hard work it takes you to make breast milk.  Manufacturing formula, formula dispensers, bottles and bottle accessories all take a toll on the environment, from factory and transportation emissions, toxic waste and water pollution, to non biodegradable materials used in the manufacturing and packaging process.

9 – No contamination:  When you breastfeed, you know exactly what you are giving your baby.  There’s nor risk of contamination through manufacturing, packaging, shipping and living on the shelves at a store.  When you think about it this way, the purity of breastfeeding takes new meaning.

breastfeeding good for planet__1458691543_162.206.228.388 – No shopping required:  Your breast milk is always available, anytime day or night.  Forget extra trips to the grocery store to buy feeding supplies.  You have everything you need right on your body.

7 – No plastics required:  Breastfeeding is plastic-free.  Plastics are not easily bio-degradable and therefore remain for years taking up space in landfills.  Even when you pump and store milk, the plastic impact on the planet is far less than the alternative.

6 – No packaging waste:  Breastfeeding simply requires you and your baby without the fuss of packaging.  Therefore, you’ll have no disposable packaging waste.

5 – Less energy required:  Breast milk is always the right temperature…your temperature.  Save energy on warming bottles by breastfeeding.

4 – Less water required:  Breast milk is made of water but it’s the water you are already drinking.  Formula requires water to make and water for warming the bottle.  In some countries, water is a precious commodity and hard to come by.  Conserving water is great for our planet.

3 – Delayed Menstruation:  Breastfeeding moms typically do not return to regular menstrual cycles for an average of 14 months.  Less menstruation creates less waste on sanitary products.

2 – Less healthcare impact:  Because breastfeeding offers phenomenal health benefits for babies and mothers, both get sick less.  This means they aren’t taxing the healthcare system, which requires tons of resources and money.

1 – Resources can be used elsewhere:  When poor health, land and air pollution and waste disposal are less of a burden on our communities, resources can be spent improving our environment in other ways.

Join us in celebrating Earth Day by breastfeeding!  Happy Earth Day!