Tips for Decorating the Nursery

Tips for Decorating the Nursery

Decorating your baby’s nursery can be a very exciting thing to do as parents. From all the things you may want, from cute baby products to toys and what color paints to use, the finished project might be your dream nursery or something way over budget. If this is your first baby, planning the nursery can be a big deal. You want the room to be special and a place that is calm and relaxing for their first few years. If this is your second or third you might be thinking even though you want the room to be special and unique, time will come when it’s time to repaint and replace the decorations again.

Today we are sharing helpful and fun options to help you plan for your nursery:


Start Early

You’re going to love yourself a hundred times more if you listen to this advice. Organization is key and getting your ducks in a row before your baby arrives will help you immensely later on. There is nothing wrong with wanting to plan ahead, and when it comes to the nursery, it’s one of the first things you will want done. Soon after you find out about your pregnancy it’s a good idea to start making a list of possible items you will need. For example, a crib, a changing station, a rocking chair, etc. You might get many of your must-haves at your baby shower, but having a list will allow you to cross things off and see what you have left.

The Right Room and Space

Picking the right room is crucial for yourself and your baby. Choose a room close to your bedroom so late night breastfeeding will be easy. Also, picking a room with enough space for a crib and a rocking chair is important too. Make sure to measure the room ahead of time to make sure the crib and other furniture fit so you know what to look for before you buy.

Be Unique and Mix and Match

Have fun! Mix and match and be unique with your baby’s nursery. Load it with family pictures, cute and funny signs and paintings, add some color and some life to this little room. You’ll be spending so much time in this space watching your baby grow from their first few days to their first few years!

Following the Trend

Maybe you’re having trouble coming up with a theme for your baby’s nursery?  Looking at different nursery ideas is a great way to help! Here are a few of the most popular baby nursery designs we absolutely love:

-French Vintage


-Soft and calm earth tones, green being a favorite

-Modern with modern furniture

-Gender Neutral

-Wallpaper is back!

-Gold Metallic

-Artsy with fun pictures and collages

Using an Object to Create a Masterpiece

A lot of parents find objects, such as pillows, lamps, a picture, or a piece of art they absolutely love and feel inspired by. This is a great way to get some inspiration if you are having trouble deciding which colors or design you want to choose for you baby’s nursery. Maybe you have an old family antique or a frame holding a family picture that could be used to gather some creativeness. Designing your nursery around something unique will be something you can really appreciate as you share the precious moments with your newborn in the special room you made for them.

The “Let’s be realistic” Approach

If you plan on having more than one child, or if you do already and you know the ropes on decorating a baby nursery, you understand a room will eventually be changed from a “baby” room and into a “young adult” room. Your once perfect little nursery you spent months planning and then hours of painting and decorating will soon enough be changed again and again as your baby grows into an adolescent and then into a young adult. If you’re taking the realistic approach you’re probably thinking about making the nursery into a multipurpose room where it’s easy to change with your child’s transformations. You can still make a fun and special room for your little one, but the trick is to be smart about it. Instead of painting the walls a crazy pop color try something a little more neutral and safe. You can then grab some fun a colorful accents, such as the crib, pictures, pillows, and other accessories to jazz up the room. Stay away from things like decorative wallpaper and anything else that’s permanent or going to be a pain to remove. However, a great idea, and something your child will love as an adolescent and even as a young adult is chalk wallpaper. They will be able to draw on the walls and decorate it anyway they’d like!


The most important lesson to take away from this is to have fun! This is a room your baby will grow up in, and making it special from the beginning will make the experience of being a parent so much fun. Remember to plan ahead and be realistic with your goals. Your baby is going to love you know matter how much their crib cost. There are always fun ways to decorate your nursery whether you’re on a budget or not, but having the something special to bring your baby home to is all that matters!