Tips for Breastfeeding in the Summer

In the hot summer months, breastfeeding may become a bit sticky but the heat makes it all-the-more necessary for your baby.  Although the thought of pressing another body against yours during the hottest time of year may seem uncomfortable, don’t let the sun deter you from breastfeeding in the summer.  Today we’re sharing tips for breastfeeding in the summer to keep both you and your baby cool and comfortable.

Tips for Breastfeeding in the SummerTip #1:  Breastfeed more often.

Just like you, your baby may feel thirstier during the summer.  Even when a baby is not hungry, she may need a sip of breast milk to quench her thirst.  If you find your baby to be fussy between feedings, feed her again from the same breast to give her a refreshing drink.  Then start with your other breast at the next full feeding.

Tip #2:  Breast milk provides all the water babies need.

Breast milk is made primarily of water.  Therefore, babies under the age of one do not need to drink any supplemental water.  That phenomenal breast milk satisfies all of her hydration.

Tip #3:  Breast milk changes to meet the needs of your baby. 

This amazing quality of breast milk is quite miraculous.  When your baby is warm, your breast milk automatically adjusts to meet the needs of your baby.  So during the hot months of summer, your breast milk may feel cooler and thinner as it changes to help cool off your little tot.

Tip #4:  Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Since breast milk is made of water, you’ll need to drink lots of it to keep your production in full swing.  Remember, juice, fruits and veggies are all great sources of water beyond drinking plain water.  But be sure to drink extra water when you consume coffee or salty foods that tend to cause dehydration.

Tip #5:  Keep your baby cool.

Babies lack the internal mechanism to self-adjust their body temperatures, which can make them extremely hot in summer months.  While breastfeeding undress your baby down to her diaper.  This will keep both of you cooler and possibly keep your baby awake during feedings too.  Wipe your baby with cool water and be sure your home, especially baby’s room, is set at a comfortable temperature.  You may want to keep an overhead fan or cool mister humidifier on for better air circulation.

L317Tip #6:  Wear breathable nursing clothes.

When you’re comfortable, breastfeeding will be a more enjoyable experience for everyone.  Soft cotton/spandex nursing bras and nursing tank tops are ideal for breastfeeding in the summer.  The drop-down cups make breastfeeding a cinch and the breezy fabric will help keep you cool during skin-to-skin.

Tip #7:  Take a dip.

Swimming with your baby will be refreshing to both of you.  Check with both your OBGYN and pediatrician to ensure you’re cleared for a dip and then take the plunge.  Some babies love swimming while others take longer to warm up to it.  If you don’t have access to a pool, lake or ocean, you can also get in the bathtub with your baby for a little splish-splash time.  Some moms rub breast milk on their breasts to cleanse them after lake or ocean swimming.