The Truth about your Pregnancy Glow

You’ve probably heard that expectant moms have a pregnancy glow.  You may have even received that very compliment yourself.  A pregnancy glow or added radiance may seem somewhat ridiculous at first thought, but the truth is, you may really develop a natural glow during pregnancy.  We’re explaining the science behind it today.

During pregnancy your body is changing in many ways.  Along with your growing baby bump, your blood supply is growing too.  When all is said and done, your blood volume can increase by as much as 50%.  That’s a lot more blood that usual flowing through your body.  Blood provides a river for nutrients, oxygen and water to reach every inch of

Portrait of the young happy smiling pregnant woman

your system.  While you may not always feel invigorated by this extra blood, it can contribute to your pregnancy glow.  More blood means that blood is more visible at the surface of your skin, creating a rosy, fuller and more youthful look.

In addition to more blood, your skin is producing more sebum oil too.  You may not find oily skin to be an asset, but it actually may be.  While a shiny, greasy complexion is not desirable, a little excess oil can help moisturize your skin and add a healthy sheen to your face and other areas of your bodily skin.  Moisture makes skin softer and smoother for a younger looking and more toned appearance.  Of course too much oil can lead to acne, pimples and other unwanted facial blemishes.  But hopefully your pregnancy hormones are good to you and create just the right amount of additional sebum for a gorgeous pregnancy glow.

Your hair may also contribute to your pregnancy glow.  During pregnancy, the cycle of hair growth and loss changes. Typically around 85% of your hair is growing at a time and 15% is resting.  After the rest time, your hair falls out and then new strands start to grow from those follicles.  However, when you are expecting, estrogen causes more hair growth and less resting and hair loss.  This increases the volume of your hair, which may help you style it in new and interesting ways.  Plus, a little extra oil can keep your hair moisturized and luminous with a magnificent shine.

And finally, beyond the physical changes that may lead to your pregnancy glow, your excitement, anticipation and positive attitude about welcoming a new baby can radiate from within.  Smiles, laughter and even day dreams about your sweet bundle of joy can leave you with an overall happier aura.  When you exude delight, you tend to glow, particularly during this very special and sacred time in your life.

Enjoy that pregnancy glow and congrats on your upcoming baby!