The Do’s and Don’ts of Valentine’s Day while Breastfeeding

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you’re a new mom, the holiday may take new meaning as your love has expanded to welcome a new family member. This Valentine’s Day may be different from previous celebrations because taking care of a new baby is a full time labor of love. We’re sharing the do’s and don’ts of Valentine’s Day while breastfeeding to help you and your little one enjoy the holiday.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Valentine’s Day while BreastfeedingDO celebrate all kinds of love.

Romantic love may have started your family and now unconditional love is what you have for your baby. Celebrate all of the loves in your growing family this Valentine’s Day because there is no greater gift than that.

DON’T forget to pamper yourself too.

The best moms know when it’s time to relax and rejuvenate. As a new mom, you’re on the clock 24/7. Give yourself a little break for pampering this Valentine’s Day. De-stressing with a beauty treatment or simply taking a luxurious bath may be all you need to feel refreshed again.

DO get frisky if your doctor has given you the green light.

If your OBGYN says you’re cleared for intercourse, go for it on this most romantic day of the year. Otherwise, show your hubs some affection with lots of snuggles and kissing.

DON’T forget you can get pregnant while breastfeeding.

Exclusive breastfeeding usually means you have a very low chance of getting pregnant for the first six months after giving birth. However, even if you are not having regular menstrual cycles yet you may ovulate. In fact, if your period hasn’t returned by six months, you have an increased chance of ovulating before your first period. If you’re not ready for another baby, play it safe.

DO spend time as a family on Valentine’s Day

Spending time together as a family is a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Do something the entire family can enjoy, such as visiting a park or museum, or having a family game afternoon.

DON’T neglect your hubby because you’re too tired.

Sleep is important but so is connecting with your partner. Carve out some romantic time to enjoy your husband once the baby is asleep. Keeping the spark alive in your marriage is important for couples with a new baby.

DO enjoy a sweet treat.

Valentine’s Day treats are abundant and when you’re breastfeeding you need some extra calories to make that amazing breast milk. So go ahead, indulge in a few desserts in the name of love.

DON’T overdo it on chocolate or alcohol.

Chocolate is decadent and delicious but it does have caffeine. Limit the amount you eat while you are breastfeeding if your baby is sensitive to caffeine. Also, avoid excessive drinking since some alcohol content does enter your breast milk. Some moms abstain from drinking alcohol altogether while nursing but the general agreed upon guideline is if you can safely drive a car, you can breastfeed. That’s probably no more than two drinks for most nursing moms.

DO have a very Happy Valentine’s Day while breastfeeding!