The Best Nursing Bras for Sore Nipples

Loving Moments is dedicated to helping new moms navigate breastfeeding. That includes celebrating the joys and problem-solving the challenges. When a new mom wrote to us with a problem that many breastfeeding moms face, we wanted to help! Angela suffers from sore nipples and needed advice on which nursing bras to wear to not only prevent further damage, but also to soothe her pain. After she wore them we asked her opinion on the bras we recommended.

Here’s a little more about Angela and her thoughts on the best nursing bras for sore nipples:


My name is Angela and I have been nursing my handsome little boy for six months. Link had trouble latching from day one resulting in cracked and bleeding nipples. Then two weeks later I ended up getting a severe case of Mastitis. I also have an oversupply in my milk production which has caused issues with extremely sensitive and sore nipples that stay hard all the time even when I am not nursing. Since my nipples are hard and sensitive all the time it makes finding a good nursing bra very hard. I have tried many different styles and brands to see if I could find some that would not cause more discomfort for my nipples.  Recently I tried nursing bras from Loving Moments by Leading Lady’s collection and here are my thoughts on each bra:


The Best Nursing Bras for Sore NipplesThe Sleep/Leisure Bra: I thought this bra was very soft against sore and sensitive nipples and skin. If you’re like me you may have to put in a breast pad, especially if you leak at all as I do, so you won’t soak through the bra. When I wore it without the nursing pads and my nipples touched the fabric, it didn’t make them hurt. The bra molded to my breast and nipple and it felt good. It was also supportive without being to constrictive. I really liked that you could pull down the cups easily.


The Best Nursing Bras for Sore NipplesThe Nursing Sports Bra: This one I really think is my favorite one. It has a drop down front clip for one-handed access, which was great and the fabric in the inner sling is very supportive and comfortable. The fabric is also very soft against skin and it allows you to move while working out. I think it would be even more comfortable if the elastic band at the bottom was covered, but I do like that it is adjustable so it grows with your shape.


The Best Nursing Bras for Sore NipplesThe Active Wirefree Nursing Bra:  Again this is a very GOOD BRA. The bra is very supportive and the cups feel good on the breast. I also LOVE the wide shoulder straps. The bra doesn’t feel like it is digging in. The fabric is cotton so it is very soft when it sits against the nipples and it doesn’t chaff or rub them. I still would encourage moms to use of a breast pad if you leak quite a bit as it would come right through the bra.


Thanks to Angela for her honest feedback! We’re glad we could help her find comfort in the best nursing bras for sore nipples.