The Best Easter Eggs We Could Find for Your Inspiration Next Year

Did you and your kids dye Easter eggs this past weekend? Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, dyeing eggs is a fun, affordable activity that kids of all ages enjoy. We scoured high and low for some of the beautiful, innovative Easter egg varieties that popped up over the internet amid Sunday celebrations. Whether you take an artistic approach or favor traditional dye patterns, these Easter eggs are some of the finest examples of fun the whole family can partake in. Even if you missed the fun this year, there’s no reason you can’t decorate eggs throughout the summer just for fun.

The Best Easter Eggs We Could Find for Your Inspiration Next Year


Hop, hop, hop—here comes Peter Rabbit! No dye necessary with this clever group of bunny-themed Easter eggs. With a black permanent marker and construction paper, one family created a family of bunnies featuring cute, distinctive personalities. To recreate these decorative eggs, first hard boil every egg before uncapping your markers—you don’t want to end up with broken eggs!

Drip, swirl, and splatter eggs to you and your kids’ delight with these artistic, whimsical eggs. We love how abstract and vibrant each egg is, and together, what a lovely picture they make in a simple, wooden bowl. Best for young children, encourage messy dyeing for maximum fun. Just be sure to hold this craft in an area of your house without carpet or anything else that can potentially be stained.

If you have a love for portraits and a steady hand, these action hero eggs might be right up your alley. With a combination of dye and markers, these Easter eggs are true masterpieces nestled together. Better suited for older kids, but let your young ones in on the fun by helping them applying dye with a paintbrush to fill in larger areas. Pick your favorite cast of characters and try your best to recreate the famous faces you and your family love to watch.

These decorative Easter eggs honor the traditional look with simple, continuous patterns and muted colors. Skillfully done, these eggs represent spring with ornate details that just look simple. Patience and a soft touch are key factors in recreating this style of Easter egg. Want to try a similar pattern but can’t decide on one? Take inspiration from your China cabinet or a set of decorative plates that you love. With this style, you should make small changes first and build your dots and lines off of one another for the most successful, clean look.


Happy decorating! Have a crop of Easter eggs that you’re proud of? Share a picture on our Facebook or Google Plus pages!