The Best Charitable Organizations that Support Babies and Children, Part 1

The word GIVE spelled out on clothespin clipped cards in front of glowing lights.

During this season of giving and caring, making charitable contributions of any kind is a wonderful gift.  Whether you’re donating in honor of someone in replacement of a tangible gift, or you’re giving simply to support a cause you feel is worthy, these contributions from the heart go a long way in helping babies and children around the globe.

With so many organizations to choose from, it’s hard to know where to put your money.  This week, we’re breaking down some of the best charitable organizations that support babies and children to help you decide where to send your donation this year.  Today we begin with organizations that support the physical health and wellbeing of children.

March of Dimes:  This organization works to prevent birth defects, premature births and infant fatality through pregnancy screenings, prenatal and infant surgeries and many other health screenings.  It got its current name from asking people to send dimes as donations.  March of Dimes is widely known for its annual fundraiser WalkAmerica where thousands of people walk together and raise billions of dollars for the cause.

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital:  St. Jude’s is a children’s hospital located in Memphis, TN.  But unlike other local children’s hospitals, this facility is world renowned for treating children with cancer, AIDs, sickle-cell anemia and other life-threatening diseases.  It is a research hospital where doctors work year-after-year to find innovative treatments and potentially groundbreaking cures for many childhood diseases.  St. Jude’s treats over 4,000 children every year at no cost to their families and, due to its research, has increased the childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to 70% across the nation.

Ronald McDonald House:  While Ronald McDonald House is most well-known for it’s housing for families of children who need long-term hospitalization, it is actually much more than just that.  In addition to providing shelter and food for families to remain close to their sick children in nearby hospitals, this organization provides rooms in many pediatric hospitals for families to wait and play comfortably, brings mobile health services to underprivileged communities, funds other health services for children and provides college scholarships.

UNICEF:  The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, better known as UNICEF, is a global organization that promotes health and immunizations for children around the world.  The U.S. division of UNICEF focuses on nutrition, immunization, HIV/AIDS prevention, education and emergency relief.  UNICEF takes a community-based approach to help educate impoverished people on various aspects of health including sanitation, vaccinations and breastfeeding.

Partnership for a Drug-Free America:  As the name suggests, this organization helps educate the public on a national, state and community level about the dangers of drugs and alcohol for children.  Its two-fold advocacy includes prevention of the use of drugs and alcohol and treatment for kids who are or may become addicted.  This is a wonderful organization to support for anyone whose lives have been affected by drug and alcohol abuse.

Make-a-Wish Foundation:  This popular program fulfills wishes for children who are facing life-threatening illness.  Children can apply for a wish of their choice – big or small – and the Make-a-Wish Foundation aims to grant their deepest desires to bring joy and smiles back into their lives.  For children whose families spend everything on their healthcare needs, this is truly a dream come true.

Locks of Love:  For children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments and other medical conditions, getting a wig or hairpiece returns a sense of confidence and normalcy to their lives.  Locks of Love collects donated human hair and turns it into children’s wigs and hairpieces to provide to children with medical hair loss.

We admire your spirit of giving to these charitable organizations that support babies and children this holiday season.  Happy Holidays!

*Information sourced from More4Kids.