Vitamin D in Pregnancy Leads to Stronger Babies

Vitamin D in Pregnancy Leads to Stronger BabiesLooking for an easy health boost this winter? Look no further than vitamin D, moms. Not only is the nutrient important in promoting healthy bone density and muscle functioning, but new studies show that pregnant women who consume more vitamin D give birth to stronger babies.

Researchers at the University of Southampton recently released a study that tracked vitamin D consumption in pregnant women. Findings showed that higher intake of the sunny nutrient (vitamin D is naturally absorbed through UV sunrays) lead to greater muscle strength in children around age 4. Even babies were tested to have a stronger hand grip than other newborns whose mothers did not consume high levels of the nutrient.

How can a pregnant woman incorporate more vitamin D into her diet? She can take vitamin D supplements with the rest of her prenatal regiment (easily found in many grocery and pharmacy stores). A mom-to-be can also add fish, egg yolks, fresh fruits and veggies, or enriched milk into her diet for an extra boost.

Researchers noted that the study’s implications about muscle strength are life-long: elderly people frequently suffer injuries or general health pain from deteriorating muscles. If we are conscious of muscle health in the womb, then a baby born with superior muscle strength and health has a better chance of experiencing fewer problems down the road.

Give your baby a healthy start and add some vitamin D-rich foods or supplements into your diet. Contact your OB/GYN if you are hesitant about which foods to choose or if you want a second opinion about adding more pregnancy vitamins into your diet.

Stay happy and healthy, moms!


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