Pregnancy Health Tips: How to Sleep Better

Pregnancy Health Tips: How to Sleep Better

Pregnancy should be a great time for expecting moms to catch up on all the sleep they’re going to miss once baby comes, but in reality many pregnant women find themselves awake and uncomfortable at night. Major body changes are to blame for sleepless nights; baby weight creates more pressure on your back and hip muscles, your temperature rises due to your heart’s strain to pump blood, and you might be the victim of a random charley horse while lying down. How can you combat these pregnancy symptoms when it comes to getting more sleep? Here are a few health tips and tricks that might give you a little more peace of mind.


Pregnancy pillow

Maybe you’ve never slept with a full-length body pillow before, but pregnant women usually find nighttime relief using pregnancy pillows. Unlike ordinary pillows, pregnancy pillows are wider, longer, and encourage doctor-recommended side sleeping positions. You’ll be able to rest your baby bump with a little lift from the pillow so there’s less tension in your back, hips, and legs. You can even sleep with the pillow between your knees to further relieve lower back pressure. There are all kinds of pregnancy pillows to choose from and most major retailers carry a variety of styles. When shopping for a pregnancy pillow, make sure you try and feel each option so you get an idea of the firmness, especially if you’re partial to a harder or softer regular pillow. You might be uncomfortable at night if you choose a pillow too unlike what you’re already used to sleeping on!


Take time to relax

Ahhh…deep, even breaths and smooth exhalation might do wonders for your sleeping pattern. Try taking a warm shower or bath before bedtime or reading a book in bed. Disconnecting yourself from your smart phone, television, or even a magazine at least an hour before you sleep will help your mind unwind. Relax without the bright, colorful visuals that you encounter during waking hours! If you’re constantly checking your phone in bed, try to charge it overnight in another room. You might be able to have more success relaxing without hearing your phone’s notifications buzz throughout the night. Those emails can wait until morning!


Try a sleep brasleep bra

Don’t be surprised when you jump two or three bra cup sizes while you’re pregnant! Many women struggle to fall asleep at night because of new breast soreness. A breathable cotton bra with light support might be just what you need to make sleeping more comfortable. Rest easy in our Loving Moments Sleep Bra that’s comfy and made from cozy cotton. And bonus: the front wrap cups pull aside perfectly for easy breastfeeding access.


Surround yourself with comfort

Lavender is a soothing fragrance—try lighting a candle or two in your bedroom at least an hour before bedtime so the scent has a chance to fill your room. If you’re not too hot, wrap yourself in your fluffiest blanket for maximum comfort. Take some time to snuggle with your partner, kids, pets, or a combination of the three. What’s better than being surrounded by the ones you love the most? Don’t shortchange yourself when it comes to basic comforts!


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Sweet dreams, moms!