Swimwear for New Moms

Swimwear for New Moms

All new moms know the feeling of being overwhelmed when bikini season comes along. It seems it was a lot less stressful when you had your baby bump to cover up, and when everyone told you how cute you looked all the time. Just because they are saying it about your new baby now doesn’t mean you should be embarrassed by your post-baby figure. And you might not be back to your pre-baby shape just yet, but you don’t have to hide under a sweater at the pool or skip the family vacation this summer. Have a little confidence in yourself and just remember you’re a mom and human!

When it comes to swimwear, there are always two options that come to mind: a one piece or a two piece, considering a tankini fits in the category of a two piece. With those two options you may seem like you’re out of luck because you either don’t want to show off your post-baby belly or you think a one piece just isn’t fashionable. However, there are styles that slip in between these two categories and go unnoticed. Have you ever heard of a swim dress? A blouson tankini? You may have or might have not. It doesn’t take extreme online searching to find suitable selections for your summer swimwear. In fact it’s a lot easier than you think.

Whatever your style you will be able to dress comfortably this summer in a swimsuit that will look great on your body. Here are a few styles to consider:

Swim Dress

A swim dress is super cute and really looks great on just about any body figure. Whether you’re trying to cover up your belly or show off your curves it’s a wonderful pick. The swim dress falls just below the hips and gives you the coverage you’re looking for to feel comfortable and sexy. Look for a swim dress with ruffles or a ruffled texture. These are great to hide any bumps or lumps and will make your figure look slim without losing your curves. If you’re looking for some extra coverage around the bottom you can find a swim dress with a skirted bottom that adds a little more length to your bathing suit.

Blouson Tankini

The blouson tankini is such a great idea we don’t know why it hasn’t been around longer! If you’re looking for the durability of a swimsuit but the fit of a tee, the blouson tankini is what you need. You can either find the blouson in a tankini or as a one piece. They are both loose fitting and will give you the comfort you’ve been waiting for this summer.

The Vintage High Rise Swim Bottom

If you’re style is more urban and chic you will love this high rise swim bottom look! High waisted shorts and pants have been such a hit these past few years there is no wonder you can now find this classic look in swimwear. The high rise bottom is great for covering up your post-baby belly and giving you a flat and thinner appearance. This swimsuit can be worn as a two piece with a bikini or tankini top, and you can find it as a one piece as well.

Wrapped Top

The wrapped top is perfect for hiding bumps. You can find it in either a one piece or in a tankini, and you will have the smooth figure you’ve been dreaming of. The wrapped swimsuit has a double layer around the belly which works almost like shapewear. It’s not as tight and constricting, but it will give you the look of having a smaller waist.


Other options that work great for new moms are swim shorts and a swimsuit cover. If you’re the type that likes to spend your time lounging by the pool instead of swimming the cover is great. There are tons of different styles so whether you’re into dresses or skirts you’ll have no problem finding something. The swim shorts are more of a sportier choice. If you want to cover up your stomach and legs a little more try the shorts.

Have fun this summer with all your swimwear options for new moms! Forget the boring, classic styles and jump into something bold and different. You won’t be disappointed and your comfort level will be sky high in paradise!