Swaddling your newborn is a much-loved and useful technique! To swaddle is to wrap your little one up in a snugly blanket for the warmth and security they’re used to receiving in your womb. Moreover, it can help to prevent them from startling themselves or becoming overstimulated.

Make sure your baby is not hungry, wet, or tired before swaddling and always make sure not to swaddle them too tightly! This can cause pain and physical issues with their soft cartilage and joints.

To prevent improper swaddling, make sure there is enough room at the bottom of the folded blanket for your little one to bend their legs completely up and out.


We have gathered 10 quick and easy steps to help you learn to swaddle your little one! Besides helping them to feel safe and cozy, this technique may even help them to fall asleep.



  1. Position blanket into a diamond shape
  2. Fold the top corner down
  3. Lay your baby on top of the blanket, with their head above the top
  4. Pull one side of the blanket over your baby’s chest
  5. Tuck under their arm
  6. Pull the bottom of the blanket over your baby’s feet
  7. Tuck behind their shoulder
  8. Pull the remaining side of the blanket across your baby’s chest, over their arms
  9. Tuck underneath
  10. Check to make sure your baby is comfortable and your swaddling is not to tight


Generally, once your baby is about a month old, you will want to stop swaddling them while they are awake, as this can interfere with mobility. Most doctors recommend that mothers stop swaddling altogether when their little one can roll over, about the time they are 2 months old.


Make sure to always talk with your child’s doctor before swaddling and learn the safe and proper method first hand. Every baby is different and specific techniques or steps may be recommended for their safety.