Sharing Childcare Responsibilities May Result in Better Relationships

Looking to improve your love life around Valentine’s Day?  The secret may lie in how you and your spouse choose to parent.  The way you split parenting responsibilities may have a direct impact on your satisfaction in your relationship, including your sex life.  Could a path to a better marriage be that simple?  Read on to find out what the research shows.

A study from Georgia State University found that those families who had close to equal childcare arrangements between mothers and fathers feel most satisfied in their marriages and in the bedroom.  The study examined nearly 500 families from low-to-middle income households.  It divided them into three categories:  those who split childcare equally, those where the mother took on the primary childcare responsibilities and those where the father took on the primary childcare responsibilities.

Sharing Childcare__1452885192_50.243.196.179The findings were that splitting childcare equally resulted in the greatest satisfaction within the marriage for both the mothers and fathers.  This was measured by level of conflict, overall feelings of happiness and sex life.  Marriages where the father took on the primary parenting also showed high results whereas marriages where the mothers took most responsibility for the kids scored the lowest in satisfaction in all key categories.

Interestingly, the study found that all three groups were having sex at around the same frequency.  But the quality of sex was what changed among those who split childcare equally.  Therefore, more equality in childcare responsibilities led to a better experience in the bedroom.

One researcher pointed out some insights about these interesting findings:  Sharing childcare responsibilities takes cooperation, communication, coordination and lots of teamwork.  These are also qualities that make up a good relationship.  Mastering these skills when taking care of children may translate to a better overall relationship because parents use them in other areas of their marriage.

Researchers hope that their findings will impact employer parental leave policies.  When people have the flexibility to equally support their families, they are more likely to be happy, healthy and more productive in the workplace.

If you’re hoping to improve your relationship in the New Year and as a Valentine’s Day resolution, consider starting with your parenting responsibilities.  It may lead to a better marriage and more romance in your future.