Reflections on a Year with Baby

Oh what a year it has been! Whenever you welcome a new family member, it’s an especially magnificent year. As a new mom, or new mom for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time, you’ve been through many wonderful experiences with your little one. Learning to navigate motherhood (or motherhood with more children) is a milestone in itself for you. As you prepare for this year to end and welcome a New Year, it’s a great time for reflections on a year with baby.

Reflections on a year with baby may conjure up different sentiments for each of you. Your baby’s year was amazing in many ways. You probably saw an abundance of firsts, from that first moment your baby nestled on your chest and latched for breastfeeding, to first smiles, first teeth and first movements such as rolling, crawling or walking. These are memories to celebrate and cherish as your baby grows bigger, stronger and smarter day-by-day.

Reflections on a Year with BabyThroughout this year you have seen the world anew through your baby’s curious eyes and open heart. From the simplicity of watching leaves sway in the wind, to the complexity of discovering new people, animals and objects, your baby is observing, learning and making new connections constantly. When your baby finds joy in the world, it warms your heart because what you want most is for her to be happy. And when you make her happy, as you often do, it’s the best feeling of all.

Celebrating holidays, birthdays, seasons, and good old regular days with your baby was exciting too. You may have visited new places such as the zoo, an aquarium, a farm or a museum. Or perhaps you traveled by airplane, car or train to a grandparent’s house or a family vacation. Your baby probably met many new people this year such as family members, friends and caregivers. Some of the relationships she began, places she fell in love with or activities she enjoyed this year will last for your baby’s entire lifetime.

The year may have had some challenges as well because that’s part of life. Finding a rhythm as a family can be difficult when you introduce a new tiny being into the mix. Learning sleep patterns or navigating breastfeeding may have been hard for you and your baby too. While these hurdles are short-lived, the way you handled them sets the tone for how your baby will lean on you for support and respond to you in the future.

Being a parent is your biggest role in life. It’s probably the one that will bring you the most happiness and pride, but also the most doubt and challenge. Some of motherhood may come with ease while other aspects will continue to be difficult for years to come. One thing is for certain, what your baby needs most is your love and affection.

As you ring in the New Year and celebrate this season with your new little love, we hope these reflections on a year with baby bring you warm memories and inspiration for the year to come.  Happy New Year!