Reasons to Give Thanks for Baby’s First Year

As a mom to a baby there’s a host of all new things to be grateful for this year. Raising a child can be trying, especially in the first years of infancy and toddlerhood. Despite the temporary struggles, babies bring so much joy into a home. Today we’re sharing our list of reasons to give thanks for baby’s first year.

Health: Health probably tops the list of reasons to give thanks for baby’s first year. Perhaps you’ve had some bumps in the road – a difficult birth, colic in the first few months, several ear infections – but children are resilient. A child’s lifelong journey to good health begins with the wonderful breast milk you are providing. There is no greater gift than health and a healthy start through breastfeeding is one that comes directly from the heart.

Reasons to Give Thanks for Baby’s First YearBonding: Spending cuddly loving moments with your baby is just about the best part of being a new parent. Your baby depends on you for everything and precious bonding during this critical period of emotional growth and security helps ensure a strong relationship throughout your child’s life. When your baby becomes more mobile as a toddler, eventually heads off to school, and then grows into an adolescent, these baby bonding days will be cherished times and the fondest memories.

Firsts: Your baby has accomplished so much in the first year as she becomes aware of the sights, sounds, people, tastes and objects around her. You’ve probably seen your baby roll, sit up, crawl and cut a few teeth by the end of her first year. She’s surely tasted several foods and may be popping out some words already. Plus she’s keenly aware of her family unit and is expressing thoughts and feelings in her own unique way. These amazing firsts in your baby’s development are a fantastic reason to be thankful this year.

Smiles: Nothing melts your heart like your baby’s smile. In the first year you’ve seen her mouth go from a subtle curl to full-out laughter as she spreads joy through her beaming smile. You may work hard for those smiles, doing silly things or just being present with your baby, so go ahead and give thanks for those toothy or toothless grins.

Curiosity: Seeing the world through your baby’s eyes can make you see the wonderment of it all. Your baby’s innocent curiosity is one of her most sacred traits and one to be thankful for every time you witness it. This is how your baby will experience and learn about her environment and grow into the incredible person she’s destined to be.

Personal Growth: As a new parent you’re adding a new role to your resume, or as a veteran parent with a new baby you’ve promoted your responsibilities. Having a baby offers personal growth in many areas, from multi-tasking and learning the best ways to parent, to overcoming challenges and navigating changing family dynamics. While personal growth may be a struggle at times, especially when you’re lacking sleep, it can make you a more compassionate, patient, loving person in the end.

Fulfillment: Adding a tiny person to your family brings a sense of fulfillment to your life. Children offer meaning to your life like nothing else in the world. When you feel full of happiness and pride in your family, it’s a fantastic reason to be thankful.

What reasons to give thanks for baby’s first year are you celebrating this Thanksgiving?