Preparing for Baby: 8 Things to do BEFORE Your Baby Arrives

Preparing for Baby:  8 Things to do BEFORE Your Baby Arrives

Whether you were trying or it came by surprise, having a baby adds a lot to your to-do list.  There is no need to do everything at once, but you will want to accomplish a lot before your little one arrives so you can focus on the new joy in your life.  Preparing for baby also helps ease you into motherhood and wrap your head around this major life change.

Today we’re sharing 8 things to do before your baby arrives to ensure you are ready for the big day:

  • Get your health in order. Your health is now a bigger priority than ever because your baby’s health and wellbeing depends on it.  A wholesome, clean, balanced diet is essential during pregnancy and you should exercise too.  Schedule regular visits with your OBGYN to discuss your health and to consistently gage the health of your baby through periodic heart-beat checks, blood work and ultrasounds.  Now is a good time to see the dentist too because pregnant women are more prone to cavities.  It’s best to schedule dental appointments by the second trimester when you can still lie back for your exam.  Visit your dermatologist, optometrist and any other doctors you may see throughout the year now; when your baby comes along, time will be a precious commodity.
  • Share the news with friends, family and co-workers. One of the most exciting parts of having a baby is sharing the news.  Some people choose to do it in creative ways such as giving their parents an unexpected grandparent gift or making a cute Facebook post.  Many parents-to-be opt to wait until early in the second trimester to tell others they are expecting as the chance of miscarriage significantly decreases by that time.
  • Take classes and discuss parenting with your partner. In a sea of unknowns about bringing home a new baby, information gives you control. Taking classes about childbirth, newborn and infant care and breastfeeding will help prepare you for the challenge of a lifetime.  And, while you don’t have to plan every aspect of your child’s future, talking about how you want to parent is a good discussion to have with your partner.  Parenting will evolve as your child grows so keep the conversation ongoing and be flexible.  Sometimes you will disagree but you’re in it for the long haul so find strategies to compromise.
  • Register and buy the essentials. Modern parenting offers many options of gadgets, gizmos and tools to help raise a baby.  Seek advice from friends and retailers to figure out what you think you’ll need.  Create a registry so friends and family can buy you gifts that you really want, but keep the receipts and tags on until you are positive they are absolutely necessary.  You may discover you can live without some items and apply the value to something else you really do need.  Don’t forget to register for breastfeeding supplies including nursing bras, a pump, breast milk storage containers and a nursing pillow.
  • Organize.  Organization is another way to gain control before having a baby.  Luckily for expectant moms, nesting is the natural instinct of getting your home in order prior to having your baby.  Make a point to complete projects around the house, sort through your baby items so they are primed and ready to be used, and clean your house thoroughly.  Things will surely get messy again soon, but having structure in place will help you keep your home nice and tidy for baby.
  • Take one last trip. Or go on a date.  Many parents-to-be plan a “baby-moon” as a last intimate trip before having children.  This allows parents to relax, enjoy one another and reconnect before entering this new phase in their lives.  Traveling while pregnant is usually OK but check with your doctor before confirming your travel plans.  If you don’t have the opportunity to take a trip, plan a romantic date night to achieve the same goals.  You may not get out for awhile after your baby arrives so take advantage of the free time now.
  • Pick a name. This is another really fun part of becoming a parent.  You get to give someone a name that will last them a lifetime.  It’s a big responsibility but surely you’re up for the challenge.  Do be sure to consider it carefully.  Learn the meaning of the top names on your list.  Many parents choose to use family names, while others select names based on their personal preferences.  Whichever way you go, this first honor you bestow on your child should be special and meaningful to you.
  • Relax, sleep and eat. Having a baby is chaotic at times.  Use pregnancy to relax and sleep as much as possible to prepare yourself for what’s in store.  Plus, your baby will benefit from your resting as she continues to grow and develop in the womb.  Also, be sure to eat healthily throughout pregnancy for your own health and that of your baby.  Gaining a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy is essential for your baby to thrive.

Congratulations and Good Luck on your exciting journey!