Pregnancy Tracker Tools

When you find out you are pregnant, so many things start rushing through your mind.  One of the most exciting parts about pregnancy is learning how your baby is growing inside your body.  While it takes several months for your pregnancy bump to appear, so much is happening right from the get go.  From increased hormones and more blood volume, to expanding breasts and some unexpected pregnancy symptoms, pregnancy is a fascinating, life-altering experience.

Using pregnancy tracker tools is a great way to keep up with how you and your baby are developing throughout pregnancy.  These helpful daily or weekly calendars inform you of which areas of your baby’s body are taking shape, the size of your baby and your baby’s budding skills, even inside the womb.  A pregnancy tracker also explains pregnancy tracker__1450659563_108.89.138.209changes you may notice about yourself, including emotions, physical side-effects and behaviors that are typical during pregnancy.  Some pregnancy trackers also give you tips on how to prepare for your baby and how to manage uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.

There are many free pregnancy tracker tools to choose from.  If you’re thirsty for every detail of your baby’s development, you can subscribe to several of them as some may vary in in-depth facts.  But one pregnancy tracker should suffice for a basic understanding of all that is happening to you and your baby throughout pregnancy.  Some pregnancy trackers have mobile apps if you’d prefer to keep up with information via your mobile device, or you can receive daily or weekly emails from your subscription of choice.

Here’s how it works:  When you find out you are pregnant, you can enter either the date of your last period or your exact due date (if you know it from your doctor already).  From there, the pregnancy tracker will generate a calendar specific to you that sends you daily or weekly information about your pregnancy.  Most services are free and easy to navigate.  Here are a few of the most popular pregnancy tracker tools available:

Baby Center:  This well-known website can take you from pregnancy through age 5 with facts, statistics, milestones and parenting advice.  Weekly emails include a picture of what your baby looks like at each stage of development during pregnancy and often videos are available too.  Baby Center also breaks down suggested activities to help you gradually prepare for your baby’s arrival without feeling overwhelmed.

What to Expect:  Many new moms know and trust What to Expect’s website because they have read the book, What to Expect When you are Expecting.  The book actually gives much more weekly information about you and your baby’s progress, however it is still nice to receive weekly reminders from a trusted source.  This brand is known for its clear, informative and easy-to-digest approach for new mothers.

Fit Pregnancy:  This magazine website offers a great weekly pregnancy tracker.  Designed not only to provide helpful information about your baby’s development, Fit Pregnancy aims to keep moms super healthy and active.  Because it is a news outlet as well, this subscription incorporates the latest research and news to help new moms have a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Just Mommies:  Unlike most other pregnancy tracker subscriptions, Just Mommies offers a daily pregnancy tracker.  It is a lesser-known website but still provides terrific information on a more regular basis.  If you’re longing for a daily connection to your baby, add this pregnancy tracker to your list.

Lucie’s List:  This humorous mommy blog style subscription is less about baby’s development and more about what’s going on with mom.  From one mom to another, Lucie’s List offers advice on everything from how to manage pregnancy symptoms to what to be thinking about at certain stages of pregnancy to prepare for baby.  It covers tons of topics including diet, baby gear, ultrasounds, breastfeeding, maternity clothes, sleep and baby care.  And the hilarious take will keep you laughing along the way.

As your mind swirls with so many details about your changing life, let a pregnancy tracker help organize some of the most important aspects: the health and wellbeing of both you and your baby.  Congrats and best wishes on your new baby!