Pregnancy Hacks

When you get into the “thick” of your pregnancy, things get pretty real. At first you may feel blissfully bump-a-licious, but then one day you wake up and wonder what happened to that amazing feeling you had when you found out you were expecting. All you feel right now is tired, a backache and nauseous – oh, and don’t forget a hot mess. It’s not that pregnancy is all bad, but it may take creative solutions to avoid discomfort, embarrassment and wardrobe issues. That’s why we’re sharing pregnancy hacks to help you navigate this special time in your life.

Find your Fit

It is fun to dress your bump in adorable maternity clothes but they can be expensive and are useful for only such a short time. Here are some hacks to avoid the money suck of an entire new wardrobe:

  • Pregnancy HacksBuy maternity nursing tops that will stretch with your belly throughout pregnancy but then continue to be useful for breastfeeding once your baby arrives.
  • Use a rubber band or hair tie to wear your regular pants. Simply wrap it around the button and loop it through the buttonhole to add some stretch to the waist. With a long shirt, your pants can remain unbuttoned and unzipped and no one will know the difference.
  • If you’re having hot flashes or are just hot all the time, put your bra in the freezer for a few minutes before wearing it. This will cool you down nicely.
  • Buy a few pairs of sweatpants or other casual clothes towards the beginning of your pregnancy when you’re just starting to show. These will come in handy once you’ve given birth and need something comfy to wear when you’re in-between sizes.

Curb Nausea

Nausea can be debilitating at times. While most pregnancy nausea subsides by the end of the first trimester, some moms-to-be experience it throughout pregnancy. Try these hacks for curbing nausea:

  • Pregnancy HacksDo pregnancy yoga. Some poses actually help put the kibosh on nausea, plus they get your blood flowing and help you stretch.
  • Ginger, watermelon and lemon are all flavors that help curb nausea. Try them fresh or in candy form.
  • Have supplies available if you do vomit while outside your house. These should include some wipes or a towel to clean the mess, a plastic bag for soiled items, a change a clothes, a toothbrush and some perfume.

Get Comfortable

With the added weight of your belly putting pressure EVERYWHERE, on top of other potential issues such as edema, back pain and heartburn, pregnancy can be pretty uncomfortable at times. Try these hacks to find moments of comfort:

  • Lie in a recliner rather than a bed. The chair can prop you up to help avoid heartburn and reflux, and it can better conform to your body so you can get comfortable.
  • If you must be on your belly, use a large inner tube so your bump has a place to go and is supported on all sides.
  • The dietary supplement Cal-Mag is great during pregnancy to help with leg cramps and high blood pressure. It may even help you sleep better.
  • Ease some anxiety by delegating. If someone asks what they can buy you or how they can help, assign them something specific that will help you check that item or task off your to-do list.

Forty weeks may feel like forever when you’re trudging through pregnancy, but with these pregnancy hacks you’ll make it through as graceful as a swan.


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