Pregnancy Fatigue Part 2: Ways to Overcome Pregnancy Fatigue

Being exhausted all day during pregnancy can really put a downer on the excitement of welcoming a new baby. Yesterday we talked about causes of pregnancy fatigue and today we’re exploring ways to overcome pregnancy fatigue. Give one or more of these a try if you find yourself dragging at any point during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Fatigue Part 2: Ways to Overcome Pregnancy Fatigue

Find More Opportunities for Sleep

This seems obvious but prioritizing sleep will help you get in some extra zzz’s and hopefully curb your pregnancy fatigue. Carving out more sleep time includes going to bed earlier, letting yourself sleep in when it’s feasible for your schedule and taking naps when you get the chance. Perhaps not all of these options are viable during your work week or while taking care of other kids, but try to squeeze in more sleep time on weekends.

Eat Right

A wholesome, balanced pregnancy diet is essential to keeping your energy up and helping your baby grow and develop properly. Lots of protein, complex carbohydrates through whole grains, and fresh produce are in order. Also, eat small meals frequently. Heavy meals can slow you down but lighter meals more often will stabilize your blood sugar levels. Also, avoid excessive sugar or caffeine as these can be unhealthy for you and your baby and cause a crash a few hours later.

Do Less

Pregnancy fatigue is a great reason to be a slacker! If your schedule is jam packed with activities, consider taking a breather and sitting some out. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be exhausting. Ask for help if you can’t get everything done in your household or elsewhere. And keep things in perspective – beds don’t have to be made every morning and laundry can be folded another day. Rest when you need it so your body can focus on making a precious and healthy baby.

Get Moving

Although the mere thought of exercise may make you tired, moving can actually give you more energy. Prenatal yoga, walking, swimming or other moderate exercise are all terrific for your entire body during pregnancy. You’ll get your blood pumping and feel revved during the day and probably be more tired for a better night’s rest. Plus, endorphins that you release during exercise offer a natural high.

Mind the Weather

If you’re pregnant in summer or winter, the weather may make pregnancy fatigue worse. Extreme hot or cold temperatures make your body do extra work to keep you cool or warm. Just that balance alone can throw you off kilter and make you tired. During these weather conditions, stay indoors as much as possible.

If you still find yourself exhausted even after trying these solutions to overcome pregnancy fatigue, consult your physician. Pregnancy fatigue may be a sign of anemia and other prenatal conditions.

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