Pregnancy Cravings: Which Celebrity Moms Shared Your Crazy Cravings

Pregnancy Cravings: Which Celebrity Moms Shared Your Crazy Cravings

Photo by Gage Skidmore via flcikr

Did you watch actress Mila Kunis’ interview with Ellen DeGeneres last week? The petit, very pregnant actress admitted to Ellen that vinegar-based foods had taken over her pregnancy cravings: specifically, sauerkraut and pickles. Ellen attributed Mila’s specific pregnancy cravings to her Ukrainian heritage, and at one point during her show’s interview, Ellen had sauerkraut and pickles delivered to the star. What crazy foods have other pregnant stars sought out in the past? We’ll reveal what kinds of foods celebrity moms craved and see whose cravings matched your own!

If you had pregnancy cravings for sweets, ice cream, and other candies…

You’re just like Pink, who craved Sour Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, and Key Lime pie when pregnant with her daughter Willow in 2011. Pink’s not alone in the sweets department: Hilary Duff wanted gooey marshmallow snacks while pregnant with her son Luca, Princess Kate Middleton craved Lavender Shortbread (which sounds as lovely and dainty as the princess herself!), and actress Drew Barrymore admitted to swinging through the drive-thru window for satisfying ice cream cones during her last pregnancy. You’re in good company if you reached for a tub of ice cream during your own pregnancy!

If you had pregnancy cravings for savory or spicy treats…

Hot chili sauce drizzled on ice cream? Sounds crazy, but that’s one of the savory treats Beyonce reportedly had pregnancy cravings for while pregnant with Blue Ivy. Jennifer Connelly dipped pretzels in cream cheese to satisfy her pregnancy cravings and Nicole Ritchie couldn’t get enough of the Japanese staple wasabi, even though she admits to disliking the hot green paste while not pregnant.

If you had pregnancy cravings for bizarre foods or combinations…

Buttered Pop tarts? Sounds good in theory, but not something we’d like to try anytime soon! Jessica Simpson craved buttered toaster snacks while pregnant with her daughter Maxwell. New mom Kerry Washington couldn’t get enough gluten-free pizza to satisfy her pregnancy cravings, which isn’t a strange food, but it’s such a healthy craving that it seems out of the ordinary! Kardashian sister Kourtney admitted to making a mayo and relish sandwich to quell an out-of-control pregnancy craving, and was relieved that she only wanted the strange combo once!

What was the craziest pregnancy craving you had while pregnant, moms?