Places to Avoid while Pregnant

Places to Avoid while PregnantYour health and safety and that of your baby are your upmost priority when you are pregnant.  You are your baby’s everything at this sacred time – food, shelter, warmth, oxygen and love.  Taking precautions to protect your baby is a crucial part of pregnancy care.  Yesterday we shared some of the places to avoid while pregnant.  Today we’re continuing our list to help you and your developing baby stay safe:

Freshly Cleaned or Painted Spaces

Cleaning solvents and paint products (including paint itself and paint thinner) are made with chemicals.  Studies have found that pregnant women who had exposure to these hazardous substances were more likely to have miscarriages, preterm births and babies with birth defects.  It’s best to use natural cleaners in your home during pregnancy (and once you have your baby too!) and to avoid spending time in freshly cleaned or painted spaces where you could inhale toxins.

Gardens Recently Sprayed with Pesticides

Similarly, gardens and outdoor spaces recently sprayed with pesticides contain hazardous chemicals.  Avoid going to places that were sprayed within several hours of your visit where you might inhale pesticides or absorb them through your skin.  Pesticides may also be a problem in fresh produce so be sure to thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables or buy pesticide-free produce.

Jobs with Intense Physical Demands

If your job has intense physical demands like lifting heavy objects, running, standing for long periods of time or otherwise tax your body in extreme ways, consider taking a step back during your pregnancy.  Many physically demanding jobs offer pregnancy leave or offer you a less strenuous workload during this sacred time for your body.  Also, if you work around toxic chemicals in a factory or lab, you may need to be reassigned during pregnancy.

Airplanes within Six Weeks of your Due Date

Many airlines will not allow passengers to fly if they are within six weeks of their expected due date.  If a medical situation arose while you were in flight, it could pose a huge threat to your health and that of your baby.  Staying grounded is the best place to be when delivery may be just weeks away.

Certain Countries

Avoid traveling to certain countries where you cannot ensure the safety of your food and water or where there are reports of major outbreaks of disease or illness.  Usually countries that may be dangerous are put on a governmental Travel Warnings list.  Also, don’t go near livestock or other animals that may have been compromised, especially when traveling abroad.

Follow these guidelines of places to avoid while pregnant to help ensure you and your baby are safe, healthy, happy and comfortable.