Places to Avoid While Pregnant: Part 1

Places to Avoid While PregnantWhen you are pregnant, your body becomes more than your own “vehicle.” It is now the one and only place for your baby to grow and develop until she is born.  Therefore, during pregnancy you’ll need to take certain precautions to ensure a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for your developing baby.  Just as you are adjusting your diet, personal care products and some lifestyle habits to accommodate for pregnancy, there are certain places to avoid while pregnant for the health and safety of your baby.

Today we’re sharing part 1 of our series on places to avoid while pregnant:

Some Gym Classes and Sports Games

Exercise during pregnancy is recommended but some types of workouts and sports are off limits.  Contact sports where you may get hit with a ball, another person or you may fall easily is highly discouraged.  Biking and horse-back riding are also no-nos during pregnancy due to your risk of falling or getting injured.  Also, you should not participate in workouts that require you to be on your back for long periods of time, twist your core or elevate your heart rate too high.  These could severely interrupt blood flow to your baby and put her in distress.  Additionally, if you were not a runner prior to pregnancy, don’t take up this form of exercise until after your baby arrives.

Downhill Ski Slopes

Much like biking and horse-back riding, downhill ski slopes are places to avoid while pregnant.  Downhill skiing and snowboarding have a high risk of falling and causing injuries, not only to your bones but to your abdomen where your most precious baby is growing.  Plus, your balance may be off during pregnancy so you may not be on par with your normal skill level.  If you are a ski bunny, try cross-country skiing instead.  It is better cardiovascular exercise and far less dangerous.

Deep Underwater

Snorkeling should be fine but going scuba diving deep underwater is among the places to avoid while pregnant.  Not only does diving put you in an uncontrolled environment, it may compromise your breathing and therefore your baby’s source of oxygen too.  Plus, you form tiny air bubbles in your blood when you make your ascent from scuba diving, which can be dangerous for your and your baby.

Amusement Parks

Roller coasters are not a good idea for pregnant women.  The jolting movements, extreme downhills and upside-down motions are not good for your baby.  If you are going to be at an amusement park, stick to the gentle rides like carousels and trains.  You can be the designated “bag holder” for those who want the thrill of monster roller coasters.


The animals themselves may not harm you, but the stench of a zoo is a nausea trigger for many pregnant women.  If you are prone to pregnancy nausea, you may want to skip the zoo for awhile and stick to outings with more pleasant scents.

Saunas and Hot Tubs

While it may feel great, avoid saunas and hot tubs during pregnancy.  The elevated temperatures of the water can quickly overheat your body, which is extremely dangerous to your baby.  Also, saunas and hot tubs can be breeding grounds for bacteria if they are not properly and thoroughly cleaned.

Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 of our series on places to avoid while pregnant.