Picking a Signature Accessory for your Baby

For the trendiest moms who want to pass along a passion for fashion to their kiddos, picking a signature accessory is an easy and consistent way to keep baby in style.  A baby’s signature accessory may compliment that of mom or dad, or be as unique as your baby.  Many parents employ a variety of accessories, but a signature accessory is one that your baby wears nearly every day.  We’ve got some fun ideas for your baby’s signature accessory:

Ironic Onesies and Tees:  Here’s a simple, clever way for your baby to make a statement – print it on their onesies and t-shirts.  While many manufacturers make clothes with cute comments, some brands are known for their truly witty and hilarious baby clothes commentary.  Or, if you don’t find any you like, you can draw on your inner-writer and have your own made on a variety of websites.  If sarcasm and humor are your family’s style, make a point to dress your baby in ironic onesies and tees daily.  You’ll keep yourself, friends and strangers amused.

Hats:  Many parents put their newborns in hats for warmth and may continue to use them during winter months to trap in heat or summer months to block sun exposure.  Trendier parents will employ hats as a signature accessory all year long.  They’ll put their babies in baseball caps, fedoras, beanies, cowboy hats and a numerous other hats that may look like animals, fruits or any other seasonal themes.  Whether or not you are a hat person, all babies are hat people and look adorable in this accent piece.

picking signature accessory__1453482165_108.89.137.58Bowties:  For baby boys, bowties are uber trendy and an easy way to jazz up an otherwise dull outfit.  Often parents of boys miss out on getting to dress their babies in frills and do elaborate hair dos like with girls.  A bowtie is your opportunity to meet your inner dress-up desires with your baby boy.  You can cultivate a collection of bowties that match your son’s wardrobe, but do be sure they are not too tight and never let your baby sleep in a bowtie.  We know this sophisticated signature will be a big hit.

Hair Bows:  Even bald baby girls can wear hair bows attached to elastic headbands.  As hair grows, bows can be attached with clips and then eventually tied into hair.  Again, you can collect bows that match your baby girl’s entire wardrobe.  For parents who are tired of saying that their baby is indeed a female, a bow is a dead giveaway and super sweet too.

Diaper Covers:  Another cute idea for girls is diaper covers.  These range from simple and solid, to elaborate covers with bows, lace, flowers and frills.  For a baby girl who wears a lot of dresses, diaper covers are a cute, fun and matchy way to cover her bum.

Socks:  Most babies don’t need shoes but socks are a good idea to keep those tiny toes warm.  Socks are relatively inexpensive but come in lots of cute styles.  Some are designed to look like shoes.  Others have rattles on them to keep your baby entertained.  Still others are bright and colorful ways to add a signature accessory to your baby’s look.

Monograms:  For those who have the money or skill, monogramming clothes is a unique way to set your baby apart.  This classy signature is a special touch that fashionable parents often enjoy.  But do keep in mind that monogrammed clothes usually cannot be shared or sold after your baby is done using them.

So, what will you pick as the signature accessory for your baby?