“Off the Chart” Baby Milestones

Many parents obsess over what their children can do based on baby milestones charts.  While milestones charts are helpful in determining if your baby is developmentally delayed, they often don’t represent the full spectrum of what is amazing about your baby.  Today we’re looking at some “off the chart” baby milestones that will melt your heart and become precious memories of your little tot.

Signs of Affection:  You waited over a month for that first smile and it captured your heart.  When your baby starts giving kisses, giving hugs, blowing kisses or reaching for you (even when it is related to separation anxiety) you can’t help but feel that the love you’ve been showered upon your baby since conception is being returned.

“Off the Chart” Baby MilestonesDancing:  Most babies have an innate sense of rhythm.  While sometimes they may look like they are beating to the tune of their own drum, any movement to music is incredible.  Baby dancing may at first appear like regular old kicking or bopping.  Then all the sudden your adorable babe will be bouncing around to the beat and having a great time to boot.

Food Preferences:  Babies and children have more discerning palates than adults because their taste buds haven’t been dulled over time.  Therefore, babies often have distinct likes and dislikes when it comes to food.  Starting solids may be “on the chart” but discovering the flavors of the world that your baby loves (and hates) is “off the charts” awesome.

Communication through Sign Language:  If you’ve decide to initiate sign language as a form of communication, it will take quite a bit of time and practice before your baby uses signs appropriately.  When he finally does, you will be astounded and proud of how he uses his hands to do his talking.  Plus, it will make life easier knowing what your baby wants.

Word Phrases:  The first word is great but the first phrase is spectacular.  When your baby can string two or more words together, you know the cogs are really turning in his little brain.  Don’t expect phrases immediately after he’s blurting single words, but over time, they will roll off his tongue to his and your delight.

First Artwork:  Towards the end of your baby’s first year you may try to help him hold a crayon or dip your baby’s precious fingers in paint to see what he can create.  He’ll love seeing the colors spill onto paper as he moves his hands about.  This fun first piece of artwork is definitely something for his scrapbook or to frame and display in your home.

Meeting Family:  When you finally muster the courage for a long plane trip or car ride to visit relatives, be sure to have your camera ready.  Introducing grandparents, great-grandparents, other relatives and close friends to your baby is a special moment for everyone.

Discovering Toys: You are the best toy your baby will ever have.  But once he becomes aware of the wondrous things toys can do, you may occasionally get the shaft.  You’ll probably have to show your baby how toys work at first, but he’ll soon get the hang of it and squeal with joy when he gets playful results from them time-and-time again.

Unless there is true cause, don’t fret about baby milestones on the developmental chart.  But do be sure to cherish the “off the chart” baby milestones that are the truly awesome moments in their lives.