New Mom New Year’s Resolutions

silhouette Woman jumping over 2016It’s that time of year when we’re all making personal pledges to do or not to do something that will ultimately make our lives and our selves more whole.  When you’re a new mom, your goals may shift as you’re adjusting to life with a baby.  Even if you’re getting the hang of motherhood, everyone has room for improvement.  Check out our new mom New Year’s Resolutions to see if any of these are making your list this year.

Set a good example for my children by exhibiting healthy lifestyle habits.  We want the best for our kids and it starts by being a role model of our expectations for them.  By eating healthy, being active, putting a premium on safety, spending time together and not partaking in unhealthy habits like excessive drinking and smoking, we can teach our children to lead a healthy lifestyle from a young age.  Studies indicate that establishing good habits at an early age is more likely to lead to long-term healthy choices into adulthood.  Start being a good example now so your children will grow up knowing the value of a healthy lifestyle.

Meet my breastfeeding goals.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusively breastfeeding for at least six months and continuing to breastfeed after introducing solids for at least one year, with recognized benefits beyond that point as well.  Hopefully you have set a breastfeeding goal for you and your baby.  Adding it to your new mom New Year’s Resolutions list is an excellent idea to help you stay on track and enjoy a sense of accomplishment when you reach your goal.  As countless studies show, breast milk is the absolute best nourishment for your baby and breastfeeding has tons of benefits for mothers too.

Ensure my actions are aligned with my biggest priorities.  In the hustle and bustle of a million obligations, issues and responsibilities, sometimes we get bogged down with things that aren’t truly important to us.  Take time to reflect on your priorities this New Year and determine how you can more closely align your actions to what you value most.  If that’s family, vow to put your family ahead of other responsibilities most of the time.  If your priority is having more self-discipline and self-control in tough situations, work on your stress management coping techniques.  This is a great time to take a step back and make sure we’re living according to our morals and that the most relevant parts of our lives are getting the most attention.

Lose the rest of my pregnancy weight.  Those last 10 to 15 pounds can be so hard to drop.  Exercise, eating a healthy diet and breastfeeding can all help.  This New Year, look for new ways to mix up your exercise routine so you don’t lose interest and you move your body in different ways.  Perhaps that means taking a dance class, trying a new sport or making good use of that baby jogger you got as a holiday gift. Same with your diet – expand your palette to try new, healthy foods that may help you lose those last few pounds.

Reconnect and spend time with my friends.  With a new baby, it is difficult to find time to spend with friends.  But it’s important for you to maintain a sense of self and hold on to friendships outside of motherhood.  If you have friends with children, try to get together as a family so you can foster friendships among your kids as well.  Otherwise, make a point to get together with friends several times a month, even if it means paying for childcare.  Swimming in motherhood can be suffocating when you don’t come up for air occasionally.  Don’t get sucked down and let your friendships suffer.  Make time for important relationships.

Complete home improvement projects.  Between feedings, laundry and play sessions, use some of your baby’s sleeping time to accomplish projects around the house.  That may be finishing up the nursery, hanging up new family pictures, cleaning out the garage, organizing the gift wrap closet, redecorating the basement or whatever else has been sitting on your list for ages.  Put all of your projects on your new mom New Year’s resolution list and slowly check them off.  You’ve got an entire year to do it!

Stop saying curse words around my baby.  While your baby has no clue what you’re saying now, she will eventually.  Before you know it she’ll be mimicking sounds you’re making and wouldn’t you regret it if one of them was a filthy word?  Resolve to clean up your language now before it becomes a true issue in the future.

Rekindle that spark with my husband.  Now that there’s a new little person to cuddle with in your family, your husband may be getting the short end of the stick.  But a healthy family starts with a strong bond between parents.  As you’re spending more nights staying home with your baby these days, make romantic gestures like a candlelit dinner in your dining room or a designated movie night.  Spend time snuggling and kissing to maintain the spark in your relationship that got you into parenthood in the first place.

We wish you a healthy and happy 2016!  Happy New Year!