New Mom Gifts: Your Guide to the Best Holiday Presents for New Moms

If new mom gifts are on your holiday list this year, you’ve come to the right place.

So, your friend, sister or cousin is having a baby!  It’s an exciting time in her life and you want to get her something very special to mark the occasion.  Between baby showers and hand-me-downs, she’s probably been inundated with gifts for the baby.  But what about something for mama?  We’re sharing some creative and useful ideas for all the new moms in your life.

Maternity Leggings Classy Maternity Clothes

Moms-to-be deserve to look and feel great.  Her body is changing, but her sense of style is not.  Giving versatile maternity clothes, such as items from our Loving Moments Maternity to Nursing line, is a terrific way to make any new mom feel amazing.  Be sure to pick items that are super comfortable, like maternity leggings that expand with mom’s belly, or a maternity top that covers a baby bump and post-partum belly, while also acting as a nursing blouse.

Stylish and Functional Nursing Bras

Loving Moments Nursing BraOur favorite new mom gifts include nursing bras, of course!  What better present can you give a mom than things to make her life easier and more stylish?  In this case, nursing bras make nursing a cinch, and she can feel great about the benefits of breastfeeding for baby and herself.  Nursing bras come in a variety of styles, from supportive sports bras and stretchy leisure bras, to the same type of every day bras and camis she would have worn pre-baby.


Babysitting Club

Once baby arrives, new moms need the gift of time.  If you are a mom yourself, your own time may be limited.  Forming a babysitting club and taking turns watching either others’ little ones can be fun and beneficial to everyone. You can organize it in many ways, such as pulling together a group of four moms and give two moms a few hours off while the other two moms watch the kids together.  If you are neighbors, you can offer your time after the kids are asleep by taking turns having one parent go to your neighbors’ house so she can scoot out for a date night or to run errands.

Mom and babyFamily Photo Session

One of the most common comments any new mom gets is, “it goes by so fast.”  It may be hard for her to understand until she starts experiencing it.  Help her capture the memories by gifting her a family photo session.  This way she’ll cherish the moments for a lifetime, and have you to thank for it.

Bath and Beauty Products

While she’s taking care of everyone else in her life, new moms often neglect themselves.  Even getting 5 minutes for a shower can be a luxury.  She may not have time for a full spa day but you can help her relax by giving her bath and beauty products she can use at home.  Bath soaps, gels, beads and candles will give her 30 minutes of Zen in the bathtub after the baby is asleep.  Many moms experience skin breakouts and hair loss from the surge of hormones during and after pregnancy.  Give her natural skincare, hair and makeup products that will make her feel like a million bucks.

Hobby Time

If you know she loves to dance, cook or simply go to the movies, set up a schedule with her partner so she can get out of the house once a week to do something she enjoys.  Moms often make the mistake of becoming all-too-consumed in motherhood and forget to find activities they want to do for themselves.  In many instances, doing things outside of her role as a mom will help her relax and feel refreshed when she returns to her family.

We hope we’ve inspired you with our ideas for new mom gifts!  Happy shopping and happy holidays!