Mother’s Day: What Gifts SpokesMom Danah Bordner Gives to her Daughters

Danah's daughter Taylor is excited to be a big sisterLoving Moments by Leading Lady SpokesMom Danah Bordner loves being a part of the LPGA tour and makes every effort to travel with her family to tournaments if possible. For Mother’s Day, Bordner shares which parts of Motherhood make the biggest impressions on her daughter Taylor, and what steps Bordner can take to ensure that both of her daughters are raised with the best values. We hope you get a chance to relax this Mother’s Day Danah, you’ve definitely earned it!

Being a mom is hard work, and being a working mom is even harder. It is truly a juggling act balancing my tour commitment with parenting, but I have to remind myself that nothing is ever more important than the love and wisdom I can give my child.

We are excited to be expecting another daughter in August. I know Taylor is going to be a great big sister. But, before I give birth, it’s important now to teach Taylor respect and kindness because pretty soon she will have to share the stage with her baby sister. I’m sure our patience will be tested, but it’s how you deal with those particular situations as parents that truly teach your child how to deal with growing up. After all, they learn by watching you!

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I’m thankful for my mother who taught me many valuable lessons in life that I can now share with my daughters.

Happy Mother’s Day to Danah and all of our Loving Moments moms!