Modern Parenting Dictionary Part 1

Modern Parenting Dictionary Part 1

As with each new age of parenting, modern parenting is filled with a world of new situations and experiences.  With that comes a unique set of terms coined to represent the current habits, intricacies, mental and emotional states, and circumstances that parents face.  As a brand new parent, you may not be familiar with all of the new age parenting terms.  Today we’re sharing Part 1 of our Modern Parenting Dictionary to help you better understand the words you may overhear at play group.

Baby Whipped:  When your baby is so adorable she has you wrapped around her little finger so tightly you’re losing circulation, you are baby whipped.  You will do anything for your baby including holding her all night long for weeks upon weeks because she will cry if you put her down.

Blowout:  No longer an elegant term used for getting your hair professional dried and styled, this blowout refers to an explosive dirty diaper that escapes the confines of the diaper itself.  The fecal matter literally blows out the side of the elastic strips of a diaper, leaving a poppy mess in its wake.

Mom Shaming:  Mom shaming is the act of personal judgment and making another mom feel bad for the choices she makes as a parent.  This can be done intentionally or inadvertently by other parents but essentially aims to label others as “bad moms” for having differently parenting styles than your own.

Mommy Wars [Mama Drama]:  To work or not to work, that is the question when it comes to Mommy Wars.  No matter which one they choose, most moms have some regrets and feel the grass may be greener on the other side.  Many moms pass judgment (see mom shaming) on moms who have made the opposite choice, creating mama drama.

Momnesia or Momory:  There is something about becoming a mom that makes you more forgetful.  Maybe it’s all the millions of details about your kids that are swirling around your head.  Momnesia is the loss of memory experienced by moms that begins as early as the second half of pregnancy.  Momory refers to the state of memory, or lack thereof, of mothers.

Momon:  Due to momnesia and momory, many moms feel like a momon.  A momon is a mom who sometimes acts like a moron due to mommy brain.

SAHM:  An acronym that stands for Stay At Home Mom or a mom whose work is taking care of the family and home.  There are variations of SAHM including WAHM or Work at Home Mom.

Sharenting [also called over-sharenting]:  Parents love to share every detail of their kids’ lives and their own experiences as a parent online, which is known as sharenting.  This term is often used when parents share too much via social media, such as multiple daily posts of their kids on Facebook and Instagram, or detailing their kids’ bowel movements on twitter.

Stay tuned later this week for Part 2 of our Modern Parenting Dictionary when we dive deep into parenting styles.