Maternity Belt: How a Maternity Support Band Can Help Relieve Back, Hip, and Pelvic Pain

Support BandIt’s not just about having good posture—new moms should be aware of too much back and pelvic pain after giving birth. While caring for your newborn is the most obvious priority, your own health should not go unchecked. New research shows that moms who ignore lingering back, hip, and pelvic pain may experience lifelong posture and structure problems if they don’t get checked in a timely manner.

It’s no secret that pregnancy and delivery cause tremendous stress on a woman’s body and structure. Major muscle groups and bones oftentimes find themselves altered after giving birth. While pregnant, a woman’s body naturally adjusts to meet the needs of physically carrying a baby—abdominal muscles stretch, the spine’s curve is more pronounced, hips and pelvis are knocked askew from the normal core position.

How can you prevent future back pain while pregnant? Try wearing a maternity belt for added support. Our Loving Moments Maternity Support Band is a soft maternity belt that you can wear over or under clothing. It helps relieve back, hip, and pelvic pain and promotes good posture. It’s a good idea to be conscious of your posture before giving birth and our maternity belt will be the perfect daily reminder for you to remember to care for your own health!

But these temporary body alternations may need help coming back into alignment after delivery. A checkup with your doctor or a physical therapist may save a new mom years of lingering pain and permanent scar tissue or muscle damage. According to Beyond Baby Weight: What to Expect After You’re Expecting (which appeared October 15th in the Wall Street Journal), women are recommended to ask her doctor or nurse to check her pelvic floor strength at the 4-to-6 week postpartum checkup. Remembering to do this might open the door to an important conversation concerning your body’s health.

Another important topic to address at the 4-to-6 week checkup is whether or not you can return to a normal workout routine or not. Though some moms might need more time before returning to exercise, others sometimes try to hit the gym before their bodies have enough time to recover. Weak core muscles or pelvic strain can turn into full-blown injuries during exercise, especially pounding workouts that include running, jogging, and jump roping.

Physical therapy can serve as the best reintroduction into an exercise routine after giving birth. Licensed physical therapists have the tools and resources to educate a new mom about realigning her posture, strengthening her core muscles in the correct way, and how to ease her body back into workout shape. Even if hard exercise is not your goal, a physical therapist is helpful to a mom experiencing pain that could damage her muscles or posture permanently. As a means to prevent future surgery, a visit to the physical therapist is a less invasive and educational alternative.