Lyssa’s story of Giving Her All

Lyssa's story of Giving Her All“I started my breastfeeding journey with the goal of making it to a year. During the first month I had a hard time due to having to deal with Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex. But once we got past that things leveled out. Once I made it to a year I was very happy, then I thought, “Why not keep going?”

Then two years came around. Kept going. Then three years came around. I decided to stop breastfeeding at three years and the next thing I know we were 5 months away from her fourth birthday. So we decided to go to age four.

Last night as we laid down to nurse after suckling for a minute or so my daughter got a sad face and said there was no milk. So I told her to try the other one. She suckled at the other breast for a minute then again looked at me and said there was no milk. She got sad and turned into her pillow.  After a few minutes she decided she wanted call everyone and tell them.

I feel like we have come to the end of our journey and what a journey it was. I have proven to myself over and over that I can do this. And since this is my last child I was happy to be able to give her my all.”

Lyssa, Lockhart, TX WIC