Loving Moments Spotlight: Nursing Cover

One of the magnificent things about breastfeeding is that is requires very little gear.  In fact, all that is truly necessary is you and your baby.  But sometimes moms like to have a few things on hand to make nursing easier and more comfortable for both herself and the baby.  Among these helpful tools is a nursing cover that provides privacy and allows your baby some space to focus on the task at hand, consuming that amazingly nutritious breast milk of yours.

Loving Moments Spotlight:  Nursing CoverLoving Moments is thrilled to introduce our Nursing Cover, one of the newest essential tools in our nursing collection.  This versatile piece in your nursing wardrobe is lightweight, fashionable, portable and provides discretion during feedings and while pumping.  Most breastfeeding moms will have a need for a nursing cover at some point.  Unlike other options, our Loving Moments nursing cover offers some unique features that make it a stand-out choice for any nursing mom.

The first element that sets the Loving Moment nursing cover apart from others is that it functions somewhat like a poncho during feedings and pumpings, but otherwise doubles as a scarf.  This distinctive feature means you never have to take it off and you’re always ready to feed or pump, which is especially useful when you feed often or feed on demand.  When you’re out and about, fumbling around for a blanket or cover-up may mean the difference between a satisfied baby and a fussy one.

Whether you’re always nursing on-the-go or pumping during work, or only occasionally breastfeeding around others, our Loving Moments nursing cover offers terrific discretion.  Some mothers prefer privacy while breastfeeding and consider the act an intimate moment between mother and child.  Also, having some barrier between mom’s breast and the outside world is helpful in keeping babies focused on eating.  All too often mothers wean prematurely because they think their babies are no longer interested in breastfeeding.  In truth, as babies mature, they become more curious about the world around them and may be easily distracted.  A nursing cover is a wonderful solution to create a temporary isolated environment for your baby during feedings.

Loving Moments Spotlight:  Nursing CoverBeyond the versatility and discretion, this nursing cover is sleek and fashionable for all-day wear.  The stylish prints come in pebble or zebra to match a variety of outfits.  The exclusive design will keep you looking chic while nursing and is an adorable breezy scarf for summer or winter wear.

Our nursing cover is made of a soft, lightweight fabric that allows your baby plenty of air flow during feedings.  In addition to getting necessary oxygen through her nose during feedings, it’s important for your baby never to get over-heated, which may lead to heat rash or elevated body temperature.  Plus, the silky fabric of this smooth nursing cover feels cool and gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin, as well as your own.  The wide opening makes eye contact possible throughout your feeding so you can gaze lovingly and oodle over your sweet little one while she suckles.  Our nursing cover folds up neatly to fit in very small spaces of your purse, diaper bag or pump case when not in use.

So there you have it.  Our unique nursing cover is the perfect addition to your breastfeeding wardrobe.  It has it all: It feels great; It looks great; It provides privacy; It prevents distractions; It maintains the mother/child bond; and It is extremely versatile.  We’re all about making breastfeeding simpler and our nursing cover is another fantastic way to help you and your baby remain cool, calm and collected while breastfeeding.