Loving Moments Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra – The Bra that Does it All

Your mom resume of skills and talents is probably as long as your laundry list of chores. You’re a mom who wears so many hats and is everything to your family. That’s why you need a nursing bra that can be everything you need to thrive in your day. With comfort, support, style, sophistication and functionality, our Loving Moments Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra is the bra that does it all, just like you.

Loving Moments Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra – The Bra that Does it All

Cozy Comfort

You are and always will be comfort to your family. You can get that same comfort in our Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra. Silky to the touch, your skin will love slipping on this bra every day. Plus the comfort band is just what new moms need – breathable stretchability and adjustability to keep you comfortable even with your changing size.

Serious Support

The comfort band on our Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra is also highly supportive. Along with adjustable straps and an inner cotton blend sling, your breasts will remain lifted and supported in this rock star bra. In addition, the molded cup shape contours and gently supports your breasts. Don’t be fooled into believing a cute bra cannot be supportive because this bra is equal parts stylish and supportive.

Class with Sass

Let’s face it, moms want to feel good about the way they look. You will feel like a million bucks in this adorable Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra. The lace trim lines the shape of your breasts with the perfect balance of sweet and sexy. The thin straps make this a great choice under a variety of tops, including sleeveless dresses. Feminine and flirty, this nursing bra brings elegance to accessibility.

Here’s the word on the street – a.k.a. Walmart.com – about our Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra:

This is it…Looked all over! Bought and sent back numerous brands. This bra has GREAT support, awesome shape, is super comfortable during the end of pregnancy and while nursing. It didn’t cause any rubbing/pain. A year later, still nursing, I swear by this bra! It allowed for growth!…It stretches enough yet still holds everything securely in place. The lace trim btw, makes you feel like you’re not a frump! 🙂 Buy it. You won’t regret it. Anyway, it really does look great under clothes, I can wear it with every outfit (even low cut shirts) it REALLY supports and I can’t say enough good things about this bra. It took years before I found one that I love.” by JKBY on Walmart.com

My favorite nursing bra!…Been through several nursing bras and camis, both with and without underwire through two children. So far, this is my favorite style…The fabric is comfortable and washes well in a normal cycle. I hang dry just to be safe and after a few weeks and lots of wear they’re all still in great shape. Lace border and satiny material makes it feel just pretty enough, unlike some of my other dowdy and impractical nursing bras. Best of all this bra provides easy access for nursing. I can clip and unclip one handed easily and in a hurry. For the price I’m very happy.” by BlackBeret on Walmart.com

“Comfortable Bra!… The material is so soft and this bra also gives support and won’t let your boobs sag. If your looking for a cute, comfortable, true to the size bra this is it!” by chickidy on Walmart.com