Loving Moments’ Legging Giveaway!

L401-LeggingsHere at Loving Moments we are all about the awesome benefits breastfeeding gives to mommies and babies. Breastfeeding is the ultimate nutrition because it supplies all the necessary nutrients for proper development, protects your baby against illness and disease, it fights against allergies and obesity, it’s easily digested, and breast milk caters to your baby’s specific needs through their saliva!


This week we are encouraging our audience to think again about the benefits breastfeeding can give to our little ones. With this special sweepstake, we are giving away maternity leggings to the first fifteen people to email us a breastfeeding fact! The first five will win an additional prize along with their leggings!


The rules of this giveaway are simple: please email us at avannoy@leadinglady.com with a breastfeeding fact, your pant size from M-2XL, your bra size, and mailing address. The breastfeeding fact must not be one listed above in the first paragraph, but something else that is interesting and not so well known. You must also list the source from where you found the fact. Our Loving Moments’ Legging Giveaway will only be available until Friday, October 31st!