“Love in the form of Milk”

"Love in the form of Milk"“When I started breastfeeding it was for all the wrong reasons.  I didn’t want to do it but I promised my husband that I would for at least 6 weeks. My baby was born at 35 weeks and because of that he had poor suck reflex, he wouldn’t latch and also dropped 2 pounds in five days.  Just so I could prove to everyone that I could do it at least 6 weeks, I gave it my all.

I was frustrated, sad and depressed. Why was it so hard trying to feed him, even in a bottle?! I started pumping every hour or two hours, trying to latch him, and also teaching him how to suck while in the hospital. The first day he fully latched he was 12 days old and it was with nipple shields but at least he did. I was exhausted from pumping and trying so much but I said 6 weeks so I kept going.

By day 28 he was latching without any help, and better, he was wetting diapers and sleeping at least an hour or two. When we went to the hospital for his four-week check up, to my surprise, not only did he gain the birth weight back, but he gained one more pound making it a total of 3 pounds. Being able to say that, and see how we started I felt amazing.  He was healthy and eating so I pushed my date to 3 months, those 3 months ended up being 6 and eventually 9 and now 12 months later and still nursing!

I’ve learned so much through breastfeeding and my son. I have a happy, healthy, full-of-life and sweet one year old…He finds so much more than food in me.  I’m his shelter, his friend, his all. I don’t only breastfeed him, I give him love in the form of milk.”

Ambar, Jacksonville FL – La Leche League