Labor Day 2015: Family Activities

Every year, the first Monday of September is often celebrated with family get togethers, barbeques, laughter, great food, and every so often, fireworks! With all the excitement, and gratitude given to those who work in our country, there is also the headache that comes from all the running around: Labor Day Sales, crowded grocery stores, traffic, etc. If you’re looking for a change this Labor Day, checkout some of the fun ideas we’ve come up with you and the kids will love!

Picnic at the Park

Skip the big parties this year, and enjoy some time with the family at the park! Grab your picnic basket, a blanket, and the kids and appreciate a day of family fun. Bring along a Frisbee, a baseball and some gloves, and a kite is the weather permits, and play catch with the whole family. A picnic at the park is a great option if you’re in the need for a fun and relaxing day.

Backyard Fun

Turn your backyard into a waterpark and campground! If the weather is nice pull out the Slip’N Slide and sprinkler and splash around with the kids. When the days over, set up a tent and make a fire to roast hot dogs and s’mores. If you want to bring it up a level, set up a projector and watch a movie under the stars.


Put on your comfy shoes and head over to your local park or nature reserve for a fun hike with the family! Bring along a nature book and teach the kids about the different plants and wildlife you see. A hiking trip has endless possibilities.


If you want to celebrate your Labor Day Weekend doing something different, think about volunteering in your community. Checkout local soup kitchens, food banks, animal shelters, or religious organizations that need your help. Volunteering is a great way to teach your kids the importance of giving back!