Items in your Wardrobe that you can wear during Pregnancy

Pregnant woman smiling and holding her bellyEvery woman grows in different ways during pregnancy.  With your expanding belly, you may notice other areas of your body softening to make your body more suitable for carrying a child.  This expansion may eliminate most of your wardrobe during gestation.  However, there is no need to abandon everything you loved wearing pre-pregnancy.  Today we’re sharing items in your wardrobe that you can wear during pregnancy.

Long Shirts:  At the beginning of your pregnancy you can probably wear most of your shirts.  As your bump begins to protrude, you’ll need a little more fabric to cover it up.  Go through your wardrobe and pull out all of your longer shirt including t-shirts, tanks, blouses and oxfords.  These are terrific options during pregnancy.  Some of your slimmer fitting tops will hug your belly to really show off your bump.  Other styles may need a belt below your bustline to help create a waterfall effect over your budding tummy.  These will look great over a pair of maternity leggings.

Belts:  Speaking of belts, you may miss wearing your favorites during pregnancy.  But consider a different way to don your belts.  Empire waist is the look of choice for many expectant moms.  Belts that may have fit your waist pre-pregnancy, might be better suited to create an empire-waistline during pregnancy.  Just be sure you don’t buckle too tightly as your ribcage is expanding and you certainly need room to breathe.

Super-Stretchy Yoga Pants:  If your exercise pants have a tight, restrictive band with little give-and-take throughout, put them away for postpartum.  But if yours are more relaxed and super-stretchy, keep wearing them as long as possible during pregnancy.  Many yoga-style pants can sit nicely below the waistline and offer room for the added blood supply in your body to circulate through your legs.  Other yoga pants come equip with fold-over fabric.  You can use this like a maternity band and stretch it over your belly to keep your pants up.

Flowy Dresses:  Breezy dresses for summer or winter can easily accommodate a baby bump.  Depending on the style, you may want to add a belt to create a more flattering maternity silhouette.  Do be sure your dress is not too short as your belly will make the front hemline even shorter.  Shorter dresses can be paired with maternity leggings for a trendy look.

Some Pants and Skirts:  Maternity bands or the old elastic button trick can keep you in some of your regular pants and skirts for longer.  Both allow you to wear your bottoms unbuttoned by securing them in place.  A maternity band is a tubular piece of elastic fabric that sits over your entire pant or skirt fastener and right below your belly.  Or you can simply use a piece of elastic or button extender to keep your pants up while undone.  Be sure to wear longer tops to cover the area.

Accessories:  Snazz up any basic maternity outfit with your signature accessories.  While you may have to abandon some of your favorite wardrobe pieces temporarily, accessories should fit anytime including jewelry, scarves, hats and purses.  Make yourself recognizable with your trendiest statement accessories during pregnancy.

Cardigans, Blazers and Oversized Sweaters:  A simple cardigan or blazer should fit throughout pregnancy although you’ll probably need to wear them open.  This will offer an adorable peek-a-boo look at your baby bump.  Cardigans and blazers can add a zing to your outfits, especially during chiller months.  Oversized sweaters are also terrific as maternity wear with maternity leggings or jeans.