Introducing Solids

My baby is growing up and we are now introducing solids!  In addition to breastfeeding, we recently started Taylor on rice cereal and a few vegetables per our pediatrician’s recommendation.  We weren’t sure how she would react to us introducing solids, and determining the exact amount of food she needs in conjunction with breastfeeding has been trial and error.  We certainly didn’t want to stuff her with solids to the point she didn’t want to breast milk.

At first we tried mostly vegetables because we heard that if you start a baby on fruit, she may only develop a taste for sweet things.  For Taylor, it didn’t matter.  She seems to eat anything we put in front of her!  Let’s hope she stays that way and isn’t a picky eater!

As with every stage of breastfeeding, I know my milk will change and adapt to Taylor’s needs.  In the short term, there may be a surplus of milk that I may need to pump and store until my body acclimates to the change.

I found some great information online about breastfeeding and introducing solids, especially on how to balance daily intake.  While you and your baby will ultimately determine what works best for you both, you can also consult your pediatrician and lactation consultant to get a customized recommendation.

Whether it’s breast milk or solids, enjoy this time with your little one because they grow up so quickly!

Danah Bordner and daughter Taylor

Danah Bordner
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