How to Get Pregnant: Health Tips for Conception

How to Get Pregnant: Health Tips for ConceptionThinking about getting pregnant? Wondering how to get pregnant? Besides the obvious, many women worry that their lifestyle choices may make conceiving more difficult. We’re here to bring you a couple of health tips that may boost your conception chances.

Dr. Jane Dimer, OB/GYN, sheds some light on the correlation between a mom’s health choices and her baby’s future health: “If mom starts good habits before, babies are going to be stronger, fitter.” Mom is her baby’s first link to the world—how would you like to introduce your baby to the world? We know that you only want the best for your baby, and these health tips will improve your chances of getting pregnant. Let’s start out your future pregnancy on the right foot!

Do you break a sweat on a daily basis? If so, then keep up the good work—regular exercise lowers a woman’s chance for pregnancy complications like high blood pressure and diabetes. If your workout routine isn’t as defined, try getting between 30-60 minutes of exercise daily. If you’re not a gym person, take the opportunity to try a yoga class or go on a brisk morning walk before work. Staying physically fit increases your chance of getting pregnant and keeps you healthier and happier too. Looking for some pregnancy workout clothes? Our maternity leggings and sports bra look great and are easy to work out in.

Consult your doctor or OB/GYN once you are pregnant and you’d like to keep exercising. You may have to modify your routine and a medical professional can give you guidance about keeping you and your baby safe while working out pregnant.

When was the last time you visited your general practitioner and had the basics checked out? Dr. Dimer recommends checking in with your regular doctor before getting pregnant. How easy it is for you to get pregnant might be linked to family illnesses or traits, and talking to your doctor can shed light on some of these issues. Even making sure you’re up to date on your immunizations is important before conceiving.

With the holidays on the horizon, it’s easy to lose sight of healthy eating habits. If you’re trying for a baby, remember to refrain from overindulgence—especially alcohol. As a rule of thumb, it’s better to indulge a little than ignore holiday cravings altogether (who can resist a good Christmas cookie?!) but remember that keeping your diet consistent helps regulate your body. Vitamin intake is important while trying to conceive, so replace some sugar and starch with healthy veggies and fruits.

There’s no step-by-step playbook on how to get pregnant, but leading a healthy, active life does improve conception chances. Do you have any tips you swear by? Share with us!