How to Choose a Baby Name

While choosing your baby’s name might be difficult for some, others may have had their names picked out years before even expecting their first child. There are many things to consider before coming up with the right name for your baby, such as spelling, how the name sounds with your surname, how the name and the middle name sound together, what he initials might spell out, or can you see your child with this name as an adult? Don’t forget originality play a part in picking out a name as well. Our country is notorious for coming up with unique baby names!

Nonetheless, if you’re having trouble choosing a name, or maybe you have one picked but no one seems to like it, today we are going to discuss a few ways on how to come up with the right name for your baby!


  1. Discuss Possible Names With Your Partner: A great way to get the ball rolling is to discuss possible names with your partner. Maybe you’ve had a name you’ve loved since you were a child, but your partner doesn’t find it flattering. You’ll never know unless you talk about it! Make a list of your favorites and cross them off one by one until you find the best one you both can agree on.
  2. Use a Relative’s of Friend’s Name: If you or your partner have a close relative or friend who you love dearly, maybe think about naming your child after them. It’s such a heartfelt and warming thing to have someone named after you, or to be named after your mom’s favorite uncle or aunt.
  3. Do You Have a Word You Love?: As strange as this may sound, turning your favorite word or part of a phrase into a baby name has been done before. Many words stand for beautiful messages and now a day it’s not so uncommon to have uncommon baby names.
  4. Do You Want to Tell People the Name Before or After?: This can be a tricky factor. Sometimes you and your partner might have picked out a name you both love, but when you tell your parents they absolutely hate it. Sometimes it’s a good idea to keep your baby’s name to yourself until their birth, but other times it’s good to discuss with your family and friends because they might bring to attention something you might not have thought of.
  5. GO WITH YOUR GUT: Always, always, always go with your gut feeling. If you love a particular name, but everyone seems to think it’s strange, it’s okay not to listen to their ideas all the time. After your baby is born no one is going to care if their name is “Shoe” or “Lemon” because babies bring endless amounts of joy and love! Plus, in the end it is your ultimate decision on what you are going to name your child.


Follow up with our future blog, “Unique Celeb Baby Names!”