Holiday Gifts for New Moms

Holiday Gifts for New MomsIf you have a new mom on your gift list this year (or if you are a new mom or mom-to-be yourself) you may be mulling over holiday gifts for new moms. You can probably come up with so many things she may need for her baby but it’s harder to figure out what she would really enjoy herself.  Today we’re sharing our favorite holiday gifts for new moms to ensure that newbie on your list is beaming when she opens her present.

Photo Website Gift Certificate

As new moms cherish every moment with their babies they’re surely snapping a lot of photos along the way. Help a new mom by giving her a gift certificate to a photo website where she can order prints or create fun items with her baby’s photos such as calendars, coffee mugs or photo albums.

Essentials She Doesn’t Know She Needs

Veteran moms are the best at telling new moms what they really need for their babies. While the baby superstores may suggest some things, it’s moms who have “been there, done that” who are truly knowledgeable. Create a gift basket of items new moms really need even if she doesn’t know she needs them yet.

Nursing Clothes

Often new moms purchase a nursing bra or two before delivery but they seldom realize just how important and convenient nursing bras and nursing clothes really are. One of the best holiday gifts for new moms is helping her stock up on nursing clothes. Since she’ll probably be wearing nursing bras or nursing tank tops daily, give her a gift set of 5 to 7 items that will get her through her early days of nursing including sleep/leisure nursing bras and nursing tanks.

Pamper Product Delivery

It’s true that new moms often don’t have time or energy to get pampered but you can bring the pampering to her with a beauty products delivery service. These monthly subscriptions send samples of fun beauty items for her to try and enjoy from the convenience of her home. This will not only help her feel human again, but also offer her some femininity and fun as well.

Housekeeper Service

Cleaning the house when you have a baby is probably the farthest thing on your mind. Instead of giving a tangible gift, get a new mom housekeeper service to clean and tidy-up her home around the holidays. Not having to clean may be the best gift she receives all season.

Stroller Speaker

For active moms, a stroller speaker may make walking, jogging or just being out-and-about with her baby more fun. She can turn on her own tunes or music for the baby to keep both of them happy on-the-go.

Personalized Mom Necklace

As a new mom, her baby has stolen her heart. Keep her baby’s name close to her heart with a necklace featuring her baby’s name. If you select a design where names hang on charms, she can add the names of additional children in the future.

Food Delivery

Much like housekeeping services, providing food delivery service will take chores off a new mom’s plate. Give her a night off food prep with a gourmet dinner of her choice delivered right to her door.

Give the new mom on your list something she will love with our ideas of holiday gifts for new moms!