Holiday Gifts for Babies – Part 2

Holiday Gifts for Babies – Part 2We’re back with more fabulous ideas for holiday gifts for babies that will help you celebrate this special season with your new little love. From building and sensory experiences, to role playing and excitement, our ideas are all geared to support the learning and development of your baby.

Check out the second part of our list of holiday gifts for babies:

Playroom Mat: Your baby may already have a playroom mat but having a second one to switch out can rejuvenate your baby’s play space. Look for a mat that matches your baby’s interests or that works with some of her favorite toys. For example, if she loves playing with barn animal figurines, get a play mat of a barn.

Look-a-like Dolls: For girls and boys, look-a-like dolls are excellent holiday gifts for babies. Dolls are wonderful teaching toys regarding parts of the body, social interactions and can become a safety object of affection. Many doll makers allow you to customize the look of a doll to mirror your baby.

Nesting Boxes: Babies have a natural instinct to stack and unstack toys, as well as collect and dump. Nesting boxes help your baby learn size and space concepts through experimentation. Better yet, use boxes that feature, colors, animals, foods or shapes pictures that you can discuss with your baby.

Duplo Blocks: These large legos may seem too advanced for your baby but she will soon love stacking and building with large blocks. Introduce them early even if they are only chew toys that get thrown or banged about at the beginning. Eventually your baby will learn their true purpose and love creating with them.

Globe: Want to raise a worldly child? Let her play with learning tools like a globe. This can be in the form of a traditional globe or something less conventional like a puzzle, beach ball or large floor mat. Point out continents, countries, oceans, hemispheres and other features as you play. You’ll be amazed what your baby will eventually absorb.

Rocking Horse: In infancy a rocking horse can be a fun strength-building toy where you can hold your baby and gently rock her back-and-forth, challenging her core stabilizers. When she’s a toddler she’ll have a blast rocking herself. Look for one with an enclosed seat for safety purposes.

Kiddie Chair: A fun kid’s chair that matches your baby’s nursery or playroom is a super holiday gift for babies. Chairs come in a variety of animals or other favorite objects and the styles are endless. Your baby will love sitting on her very own “thrown.”

Mobile: If your baby doesn’t have a mobile for her room yet, this is a great holiday gift. Store-bought or homemade, delightful dangling objects are always engaging to babies and may help make sleep times and diaper changing easier for you too.

Play House: A small play house can be a wonderful gift for your baby that she will continue to use for years to come. Playing house helps children model behaviors and role play real and imaginary scenarios. It is a tremendous way to release emotions and learn coping techniques as well.

We hope our suggestions for holiday gifts for babies have sparked ideas for the babies on your list. Wishing you the happiest holiday season!

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