Holiday Gifts for Babies – Part 1

Holiday Gifts for Babies – Part 1Your baby’s first holiday season is an enchanting time for your family. Experiencing holidays together with a baby brings a new sense of joy and lifts spirits in big ways. Although spending time interacting with you is the best gift your baby can receive, you may want to celebrate the holidays with a few presents. We have great ideas for holiday gifts for babies that we’re sharing today and next week. Consider these suggestions or passing them along to grandparents, aunts, uncles or friends who want to honor your baby with something special for the winter holidays.

Collectables: The holiday season is a terrific time to start a meaningful collection for your baby. This can be virtually any item that your baby can collect throughout the years. Some ideas include snow globes, trains, dolls, ornaments or anything else that may have special meaning to your family. As your baby grows she can delight in seeing her collection expand year-by-year.

Plush Fruits and Veggies: Teaching healthy habits can be supported through play-based learning. A set of plush fruits and vegetables that you can identify for your baby will set the stage for healthy eating habits in the future.

Instruments: Engage your baby in music with dynamic instruments such as maracas, drums, bells, cymbals, a xylophone, or a floor keyboard. These help your baby experiment with musical sounds and discover musical appreciation at a young age.

Activity Block: Activity blocks are terrific learning tools for babies because they allow self-exploration. These multi-functional toys use a variety of materials that babies can manipulate to enjoy sensory experiences, learn cause-and-effect relationships, and have a blast.

Abacus: At a young age your baby will probably enjoy moving beads along an abacus. As she starts learning to count and then grasps early math concepts, an abacus can be a great instructive tool. Simple educational toys that grow with your child’s development are terrific holiday gifts for babies.

Color Discovery Toys: While color identification may not truly occur until closer to 2 years old, babies enjoy vivid colors and will slowly grasp the concept of naming colors with each new colorful experience. Any toys that help name and categorize colors is worthwhile.

Books: A baby’s library is never complete. Help stock your baby’s bookshelves with exciting new books including interactive selections, classics, new bestsellers and your childhood favorites.

Toy Accessories to Favorite Books: Further engage your baby in her favorite books by adding accessories. These can range from plush character toys, wooden manipulable toys, puppets, storyboards and many more. Use these toys when reading or telling stories to enhance your baby’s experience and help your baby visualize and identify objects and characters.

If you like these ideas stay tuned next week for even more suggestions for holiday gifts for babies.  We’ll see you then!

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