Holiday Cookies

Many families have a fun tradition of baking cookies on Christmas Eve. Baking together is a wonderful family activity, especially when you decorate them in festive ways. Today we’re sharing ideas for your holiday cookies so your family – and Santa – have something adorable and delicious to nibble on this Christmas.

There is nothing wrong with the traditional method of making holiday cookies. That is, using your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cutting the dough into festive shapes such as Christmas trees, stars, stockings, mittens, candy canes, ice skates or Santa’s hat. Each of these shapes offers your kids a new decorating pallet to satisfy their creativity. Icing, sprinkles, small candies and fruit are all wonderful decorating supplies.  holiday-cookies

If you don’t have cookie cutters in these shapes, don’t worry! You can make ornament holiday cookies starting with circular shapes by using the brim of a glass as your cookie cutter. Or square shaped cookies formed with the top of a small jewelry gift box can be decorated as holiday presents.

If you feel like stepping outside the box this year, check out our additional ideas for holiday cookies:

Snowman: There are several “cool” ways to make snowman coolies. One method is to bake your cookies in three sizes of circles: small, medium and large. Then stack the cookies to form yours snowman and use icing to glue the cookies together. Decorate and enjoy. Alternatively you can coat Oreos in melted white chocolate. Once they are dry, draw a snowman face and adorn with a mini Oreo, peanut butter cup or chocolate kiss as a top hat.

Reindeer:  These cuddly holiday cookies are a blast to make and eat. Make your favorite cookies – sugar, chocolate chip, peanut butter or oatmeal will all do. Form them a roughly oval shape. Once your cookies are done baking but still soft, push chocolate-covered pretzels into both sides of the top. Finally, place two brown M&Ms for eyes and one red M&M as the nose. Rudolf never looked so tasty!

Wreath: Make your favorite oatmeal cookie recipe and add green food coloring. Form the dough for each cookie in an “o” shape. When the cookies are done baking and still soft, press in M&Ms or red hots as wreath decoration.

Gingerbread Man: This classic cookie is always fun to decorate and eat. Plus the shape allows your children to create interesting personalities for each Gingerbread figure. You can make one to look like each family member, TV, movie or book characters, or anything your children can imagine. Offer lots of edible decorating materials for this one.

Kissed: Another simple way to make holiday cookies is to add a sweet kiss to the center. You can do this toward the end of their baking time so the kiss melts into the cookie (or brownie). Trust us it will be so yummy it may make you melt too. Kisses in holiday flavors or colors are especially festive.

Wishing you a happy, fun and delicious holiday season!